Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vintage Inspiration - Little Edie Style

Grey Gardens, we all love it, right? Everyone is looking forward to seeing the Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange movie about their earlier lives, if only to see the 1930-40s fashions, which I'm sure will be fabulous. But it's still really the documentary featuring the real Big Edie and Little Edie Beale that will have a lasting impression on us. That's THEM, the real thing, a look into their lives. Beautiful, fabulous, so much to offer the world, but also so trapped and sad and tragic. We're they brave to let people see their lives like that? Or were they completely unaware of how unusual they were?

I never get tired of seeing the documentary. I just bought my first 4 DVDs ever (yes I am behind with modern movie-watching technology) and Grey Gardens was one of the 4 that I bought.

No one but Little Edie herself would be able to pull off the 'Little Edie Look' from head to toe. But if you are brave or Staunch enough, you could add a few of these 'Revolutionary Costume' pieces to your wardrobe

1. 1980s VINTAGE KENZO NAVY WRAP SKIRT - from rubyfigcouture

2. Vintage 60's Plum Purple Ribbed Fitted Poor Boy Turtleneck Top S - from Tribecca Vintage

3. Sexy 80s Leopard Print Skirt - from VintageDarling

4. Extra Large Vintage Sparkling Rhinestone Swirly Brooch - from The Lovelys


6. Vintage Hollwood 1950s Head Scarf - from Pansy Cottage

7.CHIC Caramel Crochet Scarf, Mini Skirt, Cape - Many Ways to Wear it - from AbbobellaFactory

8. Vintage Black Floral Rose Scarf Print Oversized Elastic Mini Dress Wrap Cover Up Skirt - from VonlenskaVintage


Anonymous said...

i don't get the appeal of grey gardens those women were sick to live like that

Terrilyn said...

Fun choices. They look like things that she would actually wear.

anonymous - if you don't get it, then you just don't get people.