Friday, April 17, 2009

Polka Dots have a tendency to go in and out of fashion

Polka Dots have a tendency to go in and out of fashion

Some years, you can go almost all year without hardly seeing any; while other years you are practically bombarded by polka dots. So what is the deal with polka dots anyway?

The polka dot pattern was named after the famous dance by the same name.
There is no real reason why the dots came to claim that name, other than the fact the U.S. had a strange fascination with the polka dance from around the 1840s until the 1890s.

Many items were given the name "polka" to enhance their desirability on the on the marketplace. Consumers "fell for the name" and likewise purchased items with polka dots. They "fed the fad." These were "polka dots!"

Polka dots were just one part of the polka frenzy. There were also polka hats and polka ties, but these items never had the staying power of the polka dot.


Azam Mansha said...

Fashion is the most sought after thing in the world. We are always wondering what’s in and what’s not, and we try to imitate every fashion as soon as it sets in and try to get rid of it just as soon as it becomes common. Sometimes these fashion tends are highly influenced by the celebrities, or something that is inspired from natural elements or some styles from the streets. These fashion fluctuations can be recognized as the effect of media on the common masses.

Sarah said...

I never knew that about polka dots! [: