Saturday, April 25, 2009

Original F.W. Woolworth Co Nylon Scarf!

Green And Blue F.W. Woolworth Nylon Vintage Long Scarf

F.W. Woolworth Scarf With Tag!

Beautiful Scarf To Wear Around Your Neck
White Blue And Green Floral
100% Nylon
Dist. By F.W. Woolworth Co.
New York, NY 10007
.88 1-2 Dept 060
Rolled Hem
Trimmed in Blue

35 Inches X 20 Inches

I loved going to this store as a kid! I thought it was so cool to eat a stuffed tomato with tuna.

A Little History About Woolworth Discount Store

The F.W. Woolworth Co.
was among the first Five And Dime Stores which sold discounted general merchandise at discount prices for five or ten cents, undercutting the prices of other local merchants. Woolworth's, as the stores popularly became known, was one of the first American retailers to put merchandise out for the shopping public to handle and select without the assistance of a sales clerk. Earlier retailers had kept all merchandise behind a counter, and customers presented the clerk with a list of items they wished to buy. After working in a dry goods store in Watertown, New York, Frank Winfield Woolworth opened his first Woolworth’s store in Utica New York, in 1878, but the store failed within a year. However, a second store he opened on June 21, 1879 in Lancaster Pennsylvania, became a success. Frank Woolworth brought his brother Charles Sumner Woolworth into the business, and together they opened more stores, often in partnership with other business associates. The Woolworth brothers also entered into partnerships with “friendly rivals” to maximize inventory purchasing power.

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