Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Looking for Old Navy Town Gowns? forget those and buy a real Vintage Maxi dress

A few weeks ago, andapanda posted in this blog about 'Town Gowns'. Old Navy is marketing long length dresses as ' Town Gowns ' in their commercials with really creepy mannequins. The marketing seems to be working, because people are finding this blog by searching for Town Gowns.
So for those of you who ended up here by searching for Town Gowns, may I suggest that you consider passing on the Old Navy version (while $25 may seem like an appealing price, Old Navy + $25 probably does not equal very good quality)

Go for the real thing - a Vintage Maxi dress. It's better than Old Navy's version for lots of reasons - it's lasted over 30 years, so it must be made well, You're not going to go out and see 15 other girls in the same dress if you buy a vintage maxi, there is a great selection of vintage maxis out there in different styles and prints, plus you are reusing a resource that is already out there.

Here is a selection of some great Maxi Dresses from a variety of sellers on Etsy -

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things VINTAGE!!!

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Catwalk Creative said...

Why would anyone consider buying from the high street again when there's such an amazing variety of genuine vintage merchandise available? A fabulous selection of maxi dresses. I particularly love the green maxi from The Dusty Dog Vintage Boutique. Gorgeous!