Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's Make A Pillowcase Out Of A Scarf!

Materials Needed
1. 2 Cotton Scarves
2. Thread To Match
3. White Cotton Fabric
4. 2 Ready-Made Square Pillows

The Front Of Each Pillow Is Made Of One Scarf

Back Of Pillow:
1. Lay White Fabric On A Flat Surface Right Side Up
2. Cut Two Sections Each 30 Inches Long And 18 Inches Wide
3. Sew A 1/2 Inch Hem On One Long Edge Of Each Section
4. With Right Sides Facing Up Overlap Back Sections So That Their Combined Width Is 30 Inches
5. Pin And Sew Sections Together

1. Lay Scarf (Front Of Pillow) Right Side Up
2. Position Pillow Back Over Front With The Right Side Up
3. Sew The Four Sides Together
4. Clip Corners And Turn Right Side Out
5. Slip The Ready Made Pillow Into The Case

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