Thursday, April 9, 2009

If I had a cobbler.....

I actually do have a wonderful cobbler within 30 miles of me. He's been repairing leather and shoes for ages. Sadly, he's in poor health and I don't know how much longer I'll have an actual "craftsman" to take my injured treasures to. That's the problem with craftsmen and women ~ they learned how to do what they do from someone who learned the same way and care about what they use their skill on. Today very few people are willing to work as an apprentice and learn a skill vs. a "job", so there's no one left to carry on the quality of work.
As I said, my shoe guy is not up to working in his shop currently, so I cannot return these beauties to wearable condition myself. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to have a FABULOUS pair of Bottega Veneta woven leather peep-toe pumps at such a reasonable price~ Take them to YOUR local shoe guy and let him work his magic and you'll have a timeless, classic and elegant pair of shoes to enjoy for years to come.

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Tart Deco said...

I too have a fabulous cobbler that I recently discovered. I had a pair of brown 40s pumps that the ankle strap broke on when I wore to a funeral (creepy, right?). I was told from various people "in the know" that there was no way to fix them and I was SOL. This guy fixed them so well- you can't tell AT ALL because he put a whole new strap piece in mysteriously. Only cost me $16. I will weep in despair if he ever stops.