Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flattering Your Figure With A Vintage Scarf

Flattering Your Figure With Your Vintage Scarf

Scarves can be used in a variety of ways to help flatter your figure by accentuating attributes and/or hiding flaws! Use the following tips to enhance your bust line, slim full hips, hide a sagging neck or double chin, even add or subtract height!

Color can be used to either hide or accentuate. Use bright colors or patterns to draw attention to an area or use dark and/or monotone colors to hide flaws. For instance, you can fold a dark (black, navy, etc.) square scarf in half into a triangle and tie it around your middle with the knot on one side to de-emphasize a full waist or hips. Also, you can use a bright colored scarf around your neck or waist to draw attention to the upper torso, and away from the lower body.

You can also give the illusion of added height by tying a scarf in colors to match your outfit around your neck or head, or you can trail a long rectangular scarf over your shoulder for the same effect. Tying a scarf of a different color around your neck or head can have the effect of detracting from your height.

Any of the neck wrap styles may be used to hide a sagging neck or double chin.

Colorful or patterned scarves can be used to accentuate the bust line. Scarf clips can also be used to draw attention to the area. Shawl styles or over the shoulder styles are useful when attempting to de-emphasize the chest area.

The main thing to remember when tying your scarf is to be creative. Scarves are versatile accessories that have never gone out of style and you can use them to expand your wardrobe inexpensivlely

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