Monday, April 13, 2009

Are you the right person?

I like to think that vintage items are waiting for someone special to appreciate what they have to offer and my favorite thing is finding the right person for the right item. Are you the right person for this item? My friend has this absolutely gorgeous 1960s cocktail dress by Suzy Petette. It's shimmering black lace over black satin acetate and molds to your figure to modestly show everything you've covered up. In my mind outlining what you've got beats letting it all show any day. There's that mystery about what is left to discover that really inflames a man's imagination.

The sleeves are long and sheer. The shoulder area is also unlined and sheer. The back dips into a V while the front rises high close to the neck area giving away nothing, but promising much.
It's modest, sexy and alluring all at the same time and is just waiting for the right person. Are you that person?

Wonderful Vintage 1960s Black Lace Cocktail

Dress by Designer Suzy Perette Petite B34 W23 H36

Available from Alley Cats Vintage on Ruby Lane

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