Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vogue - March 1st 1955

I don't look at modern Vogue magazines, but I love looking through vintage ones. Although 1930-40s fashions are my favorites, I think that I enjoy looking at 1950s Vogue more, because you see so many designer and company names that you recognize. Plus during WWII, there was no fashion coming out of Paris, so the clothing in 40s Vogues doesn't have any big names, and styles were more subdued.

Let's drop some well known names from these scans taken from the March 1st 1955 issue of Vogue.

The 2nd or 3rd page of most 1950s Vogues usually feature an ad from Lilli Ann (I wonder how much that cost them?) The ad says - 'Lilli Ann Designs for young and exciting women of all ages. This divine Bride's costume, cap sleeves sheath in empire silhouette, slim waist, flaired peplum jacket. Fabric is silk and worsted Bamboo woven in France for Liili Ann' Cost was $100.00'

Right - Long jacketed dress and hat set by Valentina

Designers also did ads for different types of fabrics too.
Left below is Emma Domb for cotton. 'The message in this bottle is clear to see: well-dressed girls are always found in cotton!' Emma Domb floral dress in cotton fabric from Fluegelman, $35.00

Right is Givenchy for Orlon fabric. Yeah orlon. 'Givenchy chooses Orlon acrylic fiber for his lean-torso sweater $20.00' - skirt also by Givenchy in orlon fiber.

Left is Ceil Chapman for Julius Garfinckel stores. It is 'A bouffant butterfly with a tautly wrapped chrysalis of moss-rose printed peau de soie $125.00'

Right is for you Alex Colman fans - 'Love that Alex Colman look' Tyrolean cotton print halter with tiered skirt - $35.00. The Alex Colman ads could usually be found near the back of Vogue.

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