Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Swap Til You Drop

From the Warrington Post UK -

Swap 'til you drop!
3:07pm Tuesday 31st March 2009

By Nicola Davies

A VINTAGE clothing afficionado has come up with a new-fashioned way for women to buy clothes and accessories during the credit crunch.

Katie Wilson, aged 37, from Farnworth Village held her first ‘Drop and Swap’ event at the Spread Eagle pub in Lymm on Wednesday where women were invited to come along with up to 10 items of clothing or accessories in good condition to swap for the same number they had brought.

Katie said: “We got some really great feedback from the night and it went down very well.

“This is the perfect time for ‘Drop and Swaps’ as many of us are a little short of pennies but we have items in our wardrobe that could be appreciated by someone else – it’s a fun evening out for only a few pounds and you get to go home with new clothes.”

The left-overs from the night were donated to St Rocco’s Hospice.

Katie added: “I was introduced to the concept of vintage clothing at an extremely early age and was often taken to jumble sales, charity shops and car boot sales.

“In the 80’s it wasn’t so trendy to be seen in a charity shop box rummaging around for a bargain, however things have changed and people are far more aware of the amazing vintage outfits available at an extremely low cost.”

Katie is also looking into expanding the venture to include ‘Drop and Swap’ toy events and is setting up a website to advertise forthcoming events.

The next clothing ‘Drop and Swap’ will take place at the Spread Eagle on April 22 from 7pm. Entrance costs £5.

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