Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh The Memories Of The Beehive And The Transparent Head Scarf

The Vintage Scarf

Nylon Transparent Head Scarf
  • 100% Nylon
  • Hot Pink
  • Can Be Worn As A Head Or Neck Scarf
  • Measurements
  • 25 Inches X 25 Inches
  • Excellent Vintage Condition
Hot Pink


The Beehive

The beehive was no ordinary doo it was a way of life, and it demanded complete and utter commitment.

The foundation of every beehive was, of course, the backcombing. The simplest way to do it was the lift sections of the crown, brush them quite smooth, and start brushing back down the hair shafts, at the back of the tress. You left that bit standing up like a rooster's comb, and went onto the next section until the crown of your head was covered in backcombed tufts standing to attention.

Now you took the brush and smoothed the top hair back over the backcombing. It created a balloon on the top of your head.

You had to take care because it was a tricky operation and the whole thing could end up looking more birds nest than bee hive.

It was best done with the palms of the hands รข€“ if you brushed the beehive into place you risked flattening the hair and loosening the backcombing. So you smoothed the hair back carefully with the palms of your hands and gathered the loose ends into a neat chignon or roll, held in place with bobby pins. . Hair spray was the real secret for a firm beehive with the right cotton candy finish. Ozone layer, what's that? Give me another can of hairspray, this thing isn't properly set yet.

You slept in your beehive, wrapping a silk scarf around it to protect it, and tried to keep it going as long as you could.

The Beehive was a way of life.


DejaBlonde Vintage said...

I love the transparent head scarf, it reminds me of my great aunt. I have not found any lately but would love to. The one you have in the picture is beautiful - I love pink!

propriatress said...

did you day tress? hey, that's me! My mom sported an authentic beehive for almost 40 years until her very last years. She wrapped toilet paper around it every night to keep the 'do...and combed it out only once a week for a shampoo at the beauty parlor.

CEMETARIAN We Dig Memories said...

My MIL STILL wears them.......every time she leaves the house. I never could keep one on my head and never could keep the beehive ratted and sprayed enough to be effective..........

I find them in massive lots and give the MIL her pick before I sell the rest.............LOL. She considers it a perk of what we do.