Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hi Vintage Bulletin posters,
The other day I sent out an email to all registered posters. I'm posting that email here, in case you didn't receive it.

I like to keep at least a week's worth of recent posts on the first page, which can be 20 or more posts sometimes. Since so many posts show on the front page, we need to keep the page loading time in mind. Big images with big files sizes slow down the page, especially when there are several posts with slow loading images. If people reading the blog have to wait for slow images to load - they won't wait - they'll back right out and maybe not come back to the blog. We need to have the blog moving fast to encourage people to stay and read.

So please remember -
You can post up to 6 photos. You can make collages with multiple items in each photo, but please only 6 total photos/collages.
Please keep the images of single items around 350 pixels wide and collages under 650 wide. Please keep file sizes around 75K or less.
PhotoScape is a great free photo editor that can help you change the actually image size and most importantly the file size for quick loading.
The best thing to do is to upload your images to blogger. In the editor, just click on the little photo image next to spellcheck to upload your images. That way, the photos are automatically resized, they will be stored in your post forever, and they won't take up space in your own photo storage.

Also new rule - No more Slideshows. I'm sorry to do that, but alot of the feedback that I've been receiving is that the slideshows slow down or jam up the board, especially when there are several from different posters on the board at once.

From now on, any posts with big photos will be removed until the photos are edited to the acceptable size. I'm sorry to have rules, I know rules suck. But I have to keep it fair for all posters and keep the blog readable and inviting to our readers.

Thank you, Carol

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Anonymous said...

thank god youre getting rid of the slideshows they are annoying and slow