Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goldie Hawn Barbie +Future Hippie New Items

goldie hawn blond ambition laugh in barbieNow, I have to be honest. I'm not really a "Barbie" person nor did I collect them as a kid, but this is one that I may just have to purchase! This "Laugh In" Barbie is named after Goldie Hawn's appearance on the 60's / 70's hit tv comedy Rowan & Martins Laugh In. The doll is complete with tattoos and her adorable Goldie do. It goes on sale this summer but several places on the web are taking pre-orders. No matter what generation you are from, this Barbie is definitely one to add to your collection!

Here's a clip of Goldie on Rowan and Martin's Laugh In show. Enjoy!

For those of you in the Spring shopping mood, I've just added a few new items to Future Hippie to spice up your wardrobe! AND, most of the items in the store are already marked down from 20% to 50%! Here's some of the newer vintage goodies.......

Vintage 80s Dramatic Floral Spring / Summer Dress

Vintage 70s Rainbow Embroidered Yellow Ethnic Dress

Vintage 70s Lucky Clover pleated Skirt w/ skinny Belt

Mod 1960's Vintage gEoMeTrIc Space Age Dress

Vintage 60's Mod Yellow Striped Top w/ matching Belt or Headband

For more art, culture, music and fashion from the 60's, 70's, up to today, visit Hippie Couture!

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