Monday, March 16, 2009

figure8studio debuts at The Vintage Bulletin!

Hey now! It is wonderful to take part of this great community of vintage lovers, one I have been a lurker and shopper for some time. We are coming to you from the beautiful and vvvery cccold Nnnorth West.

Im a winter lover, never thought I would be writing this as my toasty fireplace rages, but I think Im ready for spring. I wont be writing that when the dog days of summer roll in but I digress.

In fashion news, did I read correctly folks are calling a Maxi a Town Gown these days? I wonder where that originated.
When I first heard that term, Athens Georgia, a beautiful little college town in the South East came to mind. Every year the graduates fill the tiny city's shops in search of the perfect prom dress therefor Town Gown.

As far as prom dresses, we have a few. This mermaid shimmery emerald green strapless dress:

this sexy halter number

if you are edgy, different

and your thing is pairing those wonderful motorcycle boots with some sexy fluffy I have the thing for you

if your heart desires a Maxi or Town Gown :)

this polka dot cutie is going up tonight at figure8studio

We have quite a few in our arsenal, for every season and every occasion.

Keep us in your bookmarks.

See you around the bend!

And thank you for having us Vintage Bulletin!


andapanda said...

weloome! I love this site too. Think you will as well~~Andrea

Elizabeth said...

*waving* to Andrea madly! :)