Thursday, March 5, 2009

Accessory of the week! 80's MAUD FRIZON Heels

If you could say anything about 80's era accessories being right for today, footwear especially, you could say they are highly unpredictable. And frankly that's not always such a good thing since shoes tend to look so dated shortly after they come into vogue. These 80's MAUD FRIZON heels happen to be a fantastic exception with their dainty banana heels, graphic cut-outs and pointed toes that possess that crucial slight bit of roundness. Cut-outs are an eternal plus in our book and they happen to lend a particular architectural quality to these sexy, timeless heels that gives them a sleek sophistication.


1 comment:

Market Publique said...

Nice! Another Maud Frizon pair to add to my list of favorites!
I wish they were my size. But I'm not too sad because I got a nice gold pair at Poppets today...