Tuesday, March 3, 2009

$70 000 Suit

Yes, you read that right and the King of Morocco really wants one. A Vicuna suit that is.

Vicuna is the most expensive cloth in the world, and Scotland’s Holland & Sherry has woven the first 100% worsted Vicuna fabric. It's $4000 per yard and took them 5 years to gather the wool.

This cute Vicuna is only found in the highest part of the Andes Mountains and it's super fine wool can only be shorn every 3 years.

All wool is warm because of tiny scales that are on the hollow air-filled fibres that cause them to interlock and trap insulating air. Wool has the ability to absorb moisture to the extent of thirty percent of it’s weight without feeling damp. Vicuna wool is finer than any other wool. That means the wool is softer, lighter and warmer than any other wool on this earth. The fibers of vicuna wool are so sensitive to chemical treatment that the wool is normally used in it’s natural golden color.

Well good for you 'King what's yer name of Morocco'. I'll go make a cup of tea now and re-use the bag.

Here are some more reasonably priced items, now available at Some Like it Vintage.com.

Cotton Canvas Wrap Skirt With Duck Motif, C. 1970s
Jacobsons Floral Cotton Dress, C. 1970s
Vintage Arnold Palmer Leisure Golf Suit

Suede & Wool Cardigan, C. 1970s
Louis Vuitton Leather Sandals

Miss Balmain Plum Strapless Dress, c. 1980s
Ilene Ricky Cotton Swing Dress, C. 1950s
Fred Perlberg Chiffon Halter Dress, C. 1970s

Black Lace Ruffled Gown, C. 1980s
Chartreuse Cotton Wrap Skirt, C. 1970s

Plaid Cotton Full Skirt, C. 1970s
Boho Maxi Dress, C. 1970s
Mini Mod Twiggy Dress, c. 1960s


propriatress said...

perhaps the King would like the Arnold Palmer suit while he's waiting...

Some Like it Vintage said...

lol! good one...

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