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Swap Til You Drop

From the Warrington Post UK -

Swap 'til you drop!
3:07pm Tuesday 31st March 2009

By Nicola Davies

A VINTAGE clothing afficionado has come up with a new-fashioned way for women to buy clothes and accessories during the credit crunch.

Katie Wilson, aged 37, from Farnworth Village held her first ‘Drop and Swap’ event at the Spread Eagle pub in Lymm on Wednesday where women were invited to come along with up to 10 items of clothing or accessories in good condition to swap for the same number they had brought.

Katie said: “We got some really great feedback from the night and it went down very well.

“This is the perfect time for ‘Drop and Swaps’ as many of us are a little short of pennies but we have items in our wardrobe that could be appreciated by someone else – it’s a fun evening out for only a few pounds and you get to go home with new clothes.”

The left-overs from the night were donated to St Rocco’s Hospice.

Katie added: “I was introduced to the concept of vintage clothing at an extremely early age and was often taken to jumble sales, charity shops and car boot sales.

“In the 80’s it wasn’t so trendy to be seen in a charity shop box rummaging around for a bargain, however things have changed and people are far more aware of the amazing vintage outfits available at an extremely low cost.”

Katie is also looking into expanding the venture to include ‘Drop and Swap’ toy events and is setting up a website to advertise forthcoming events.

The next clothing ‘Drop and Swap’ will take place at the Spread Eagle on April 22 from 7pm. Entrance costs £5.

The 2 Basic Shapes For Scarves

Scarves Come In Two Basic Shapes

Medium to large squares are the most versatile size and are ideal for coats.
These provide more of a warmth than oblong scarves.
They are also best used as a suit or blouse filler.
When folded they can take on an oblong shape.
Small square scarves are great accent pieces.

Small Square Scarves measure less than 24 inches
Medium 24 to 27 inches
Large 30 inches or more

Usually considered an accent item. With the exception of wool scarves. Wool scarves are used for warmth.
Oblong Scarves measure approximately 11 X 54 inches
The size and proportion of oblong scarves vary.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Confessions of a Mad Idol Addict

If someone would have told me 5 or 6 years ago that I would become an avid viewer of the show or that I had the show programmed to record when I am not home, I would have probably laughed. Back then I thought the show was strictly for the younger crowd. 8 seasons later I can barely wait to see what new songs will be performed. This season I dared to pick my top Idols from the beginning, so far they are still there and going strong.

Last week as a double treat Idol showcased the sounds of Motown a few of the contestants wore vintage style, I say vintage style because unless I see the item or confirmation that they were indeed vintage I cannot say for sure but was that a shark skin suit worn by Adam Lambert?

I was VERY impressed with the singing as well, Adam is showing more maturity as the show progresses, he is one of my top faves.

Another stunner and talented performer is Lil Rounds, she wore an Ombre fringed dress, also loved the 60s hairstyle.

Green fringe dress coming soon to figure8studio.com

White Fringed Dress in our store

a few 60's beauties from our store

Turquoise Silver 60s Dress

Audrey Lil Black Dress

Periwinkle Paisley Dress

Thanks for reading and see you around the bend! :)

Make A Lamp Shade Out Of A Scarf

Materials Needed:

1 oblong scarf - 2 inches wider and 1 1/2 times the circumference of any lamp shade

1. On wrong side of scarf, pin a stripe of ribbon so that it runs the full length and even with the top and the same thing on the bottom
Sew the ribbon for a casing for the elastic

2. Cut 2 lengths of elastic making them 2 inches longer that the ribbon casing

3. Place the scarf over the lamp shade and pull the elastic at the top and bottom until gathers for around the shade

4. When the fabric is snug around the lamp shade sew the elastic ends to secure

* This Shade Is Intended Primarily For Decorative Purposes

Just added at Dandelion Vintage - Day Dresses, Tailored Jackets, purses, girdles

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Bye for now, Carol

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What do you think Monokini means?

It's amazing how a word means one thing to one generation and is bastardized in the next. Last night our 11-year-old daughter told my husband and I that she saw a cool monokini on the Walmart website.

Talk about overreacting and freaking out. Both DH and I were adamant about DD not even thinking about wearing a monokini. Shades of Rudy Gernreich's original monokini filled our thoughts (yes we are old as dirt!). We were both kids when the original monokini hit the runway.

The only problem is that DD's monokini is this:

Now granted we're still not letting our 11-year-old wear something like this, but there's a lot more covered in the Walmart version than good old Rudy's. After showing DD what the original monokini looked like she had a better feel for why DH and I both freaked out at what she said.

We all had a good laugh and it just goes to show that you need to make sure you're speaking the same language before going off the deep end. While DD won't be sporting the new version of the monokini, I'm sure we'll find something a bit more appropriate for our DD to wear to the pool this summer. Her Dad thinks something like this would be perfect:

I'm sure DD and I will find something in between that will make her happy and Dad as well.

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Designer Dresses

New this week at Couture Allure, we've added several designer dresses among others.

This 1960's mini dress is by Michael Mott for Paraphernalia. Paraphernalia was New York's answer to the London Mod boutique movement which opened in 1965. Betsey Johnson was the first in-house designer for Paraphernalia, and Michael Mott took over when she left to start her own business. Super rare, this dress is in blue velvet and is decorated with glass stones. It's no coincidence that Mott also designed jewelry, many times with large glass rhinestones.

This 1960's coat dress is a Givenchy Adaptation by Dan Millstein. The Dan Millstein company was one of the manufacturers that would send it's designers to Paris and pay a cover charge to attend the couture showings. They would then purchase several originals, bring them back to the US, and copy them with the designer’s approval.

This late 1960's skirt and vest set is by highly sought-after designer Mr. Dino. Mr. Dino is known for Pucci style prints. This set is made of cotton velveteen and does have the Mr. Dino signature in the print.

This elegant 1950's black silk full skirted dress is by another sought-after designer, Ben Reig. It has a distinctive neckline treatment with a floating band that ties in a bow.

Just in time for Viva Las Vegas, this 1950's Hawaiian made sarong dress comes with a matching stole. In nearly mint condition, I don't think it was ever worn!

Finally, one of my favorite dresses without a label this week is this 1960's cocktail dress. Take a look at those black satin roses at the hem!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Other Scarf Ideas

Click Link To Purchase
Gorgeous Vintage Purple Green Red Stripe Long Scarf

Other Scarf Ideas

To recycle a worn scarf, dye it a compatible color or use the intact portions to create small accessories such as
sachet pillows

To show off a special scarf, place it in a picture frame and hang it

To coordinate two scarves add fringe, beads or lace to the selvages of each

Rest in Peace Dan Seals

Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh The Memories Of The Beehive And The Transparent Head Scarf

The Vintage Scarf

Nylon Transparent Head Scarf
  • 100% Nylon
  • Hot Pink
  • Can Be Worn As A Head Or Neck Scarf
  • Measurements
  • 25 Inches X 25 Inches
  • Excellent Vintage Condition
Hot Pink


The Beehive

The beehive was no ordinary doo it was a way of life, and it demanded complete and utter commitment.

The foundation of every beehive was, of course, the backcombing. The simplest way to do it was the lift sections of the crown, brush them quite smooth, and start brushing back down the hair shafts, at the back of the tress. You left that bit standing up like a rooster's comb, and went onto the next section until the crown of your head was covered in backcombed tufts standing to attention.

Now you took the brush and smoothed the top hair back over the backcombing. It created a balloon on the top of your head.

You had to take care because it was a tricky operation and the whole thing could end up looking more birds nest than bee hive.

It was best done with the palms of the hands รข€“ if you brushed the beehive into place you risked flattening the hair and loosening the backcombing. So you smoothed the hair back carefully with the palms of your hands and gathered the loose ends into a neat chignon or roll, held in place with bobby pins. . Hair spray was the real secret for a firm beehive with the right cotton candy finish. Ozone layer, what's that? Give me another can of hairspray, this thing isn't properly set yet.

You slept in your beehive, wrapping a silk scarf around it to protect it, and tried to keep it going as long as you could.

The Beehive was a way of life.

Capri ! it's an island...it's your pants!

If you land at the Naples airport, you can get to the isle of Capri.......the fabled tiny island off the coast of Italy, situated westerly from just about where a buckle would be on the boot of Italy. The deliciously beautiful Grotta Azzurra...the Blue Grotto mesmerizes with the unreal beauty of light upon water. Capri's natural charms have inspired much wonderous art and useful things including fashions that have been created to celebrate the bright and cheery colors of the island's features, and to relive and inspire the feelings of comfort, beauty and fun!

Emilio Pucci has said he was inspired to create his iconic designs and the mind-blowing colors because of the beauty of Capri. We can forgive him then, perhaps, for being so Italian that he was a fan of Mussolini! Pucci was from a rich Italian family, an athlete, and also a fine skier with Olympian talent. On that strength he won a scholarship to Portland's Reed College where he designed his first small collection ....the college's ski team uniforms in the mid-30s.

Pucci set up his first haute couture house at the jet set resort of Canzone del Mare on the Isle of Capri after WWII. His skiwear was discovered by a Harper's Bazaar editor, and Mr. Marcus of Nieman Marcus encouraged him to design other garments, and Pucci responded with the early designs in the stunning color combos we swoon over.

The isle of Capri figures prominently in another design we are are so familiar with......the capri pants....those cute little 50s calf length pants that have resurged back into the fashion world. German designer, Sonja de Lennart, produced a collection just after WWII calling it the Capri Collection because of her family's love of the island.

Full skirts with wide belts were one of the first of Sonja's designs that became popular. But it was her 1948 design, the tight Capri pants, such a change from the Katherine Hepburn-style wide slacks, that took the world by storm. Designer Edith Head dressed Audrey Hepburn in capri pants, the skirt, the high-necked blouse and the wide belt....all designs by de Lennart, worn in Roman Holiday. Givenchy, a year later, dressed Audrey in de Lennart's capris in Sabrina.

From high fashion to everyday wear, movie stars and housewives, even the iconic Beatnik look of black turtleneck, capri pants, wide belt and flat shoes, can thank Sonja de Lennart.

I have these right now on etsy....in the shorter length we called knee-knockers...

fyi... a little list of Pants lengths.....all fabulous!

Bermuda shorts, and clam diggers or walking shorts, are from thigh length to just below the knee, while traditional capri pants are generally calf to ankle length and are form-fitting, perhaps with a small v at the hem. Pants that are cropped and wide are called capri's, flood pants, or pedal pushers. And then of course, there are Man-pris!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Scarf Care Tips

Scarf Care


Dry Clean
Hand Wash
Machine Wash


Dry Clean is the preferred cleaning method
Hand Wash
Machine Wash


Dry Clean is the preferred cleaning method
Hand Wash
Do Not Machine Wash
Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight


Dry Clean is the preferred cleaning method
Hand Wash
Do Not Machine Wash
Do Not Machine Dry


Dry Clean
Hand Wash
Machine Wash

Childhood Dreams and Adult Realities!

Two things have happened in the past couple of weeks to bring nostalgia bubbling forth. The first was a phone call from a dear cousin who I hear from seldom. I must admit that I don't call her either. But..........be that as it may..............we have reconnected and chat some on Facebook these days and I'm getting to know her children and grandchildren a bit through the photos and quick comments made.

As was usually the case she is "On my Back" in this picture taken in 1958.

The other thing that happened, is an Estate Sale Find of a large lot of Braniff Dinner Service and this absolutely fabulous Tote Bag. In doing a bit of research on the bag (I already was familiar with the dinner service, since I flew Brannif quite a bit way back when).........I discovered this wonderful and colorful site hosted by an ex Braniff Flight Attendent Mod Colors.

Click on photo to go to auction

Now, you ask, what do the two have in common?

Simple. When we were the age of the photo above, we talked for hours and had major dreams of becoming the most glamourous girls on earth and being Stewardesses. We had the plans. Finish High School, get a job, get an apartment and live together and travel all over the world...........Sigh!

But that didn't happen. Apparently our dreams were a bit advanced, since we both married before we graduated from High School and the Flying the Friendly Skies became a very vague and distant memory. As a matter of fact I didn't even remember it until I was researching this bag.

Ironically, if we had succeeded with our dream we might well have been wearing those Pucci outfits. The Flying colors started in 1965 and we both graduated from High School in 1966..........so the timing was perfect, but fate had other plans for us.

I'm not tragically sad about the change in dreams, but it's fun to live vicariously through the websites of others who traveled a different path.

Look East, it's Hammer Time!

Since one could easily call this the most heavily revival filled decade to date, it's rather intriguing that the early 80's Japanese infused work of avant-garde pioneers like YOHJI YAMAMOTO, Rei Kawakubo of COMME DES GARCONS, KANSAI YAMAMOTO and ISSEY MIYAKE are finally getting some due attention in the mainstream.
From Japan they optimistically brought an arty, intellectual and quite challenging aesthetic to the world of fashion like never seen before, a reaction to the ultra-femme norms of society and a pre-curser to the maximalist glamor of the Reagen era. Together they introduced the concepts of anti-fashion through austere deconstruction, materials were often draped around the body and featured frayed, unfinished edges along with holes and a general asymmetrical shape. And to us, most importantly, everything was black, something many ran away from at one time.
And with dropped crotch pants, deconstruction, and asymmetry seeming to feel like a runway norm these days, we wanted to take a moment and highlight some of our own finds inspired by this groundbreaking era in fashion. Take these fantastic early 80's YOHJI YAMAMOTO fluid black pants that have a dropped crotch and one leg that's more voluminous than the other, ultimately creating a soft, draped, poetic imbalance. And from a man known for his own take on Eastern-influenced ease, GIORGIO ARMANI, come these early 90's black drop-crotch pants that have a pleated dhoti drawstring waist and contrasting velvet cuffs. Both of these pieces beautifully highlight the considerable contributions of the Japanese invasion of the early 80's while at the same time having a very contemporary sensibilty to them.

Above- Early 80's YOHJI YAMAMOTO Dropped Crotch Draped Leg Pants-$454

Below- 90's GIORGIO ARMANI Dropped Crotch Dhoti Pleated Pants-$276

Shop VagaBondnyc.com now, where shipping is always free, everywhere!

Going Green: Nature vs. Future

With the Green agenda finally hitting fashion over the past few season's, we can't think of a more humorously chic way to support the effort than with this sassy(we can use that word for once!) mid 90's irredescent green MOSCHINO Cheap & Chic skirt suit. It is composed of what looks to be like photo prints of the earth & moon, boasts chunky plastic bobble-like buttons complete with pictures of the moon in them and it's jacket is paneled with contrasting stripes of text spelling out "Nature" on the front & "Future" on the back. It also has that era's fabulous cut with it's fitted, short jacket and sexy abbreviated skirt. Even almost 15 years later, it still makes quite a strong statement about the current friction between modernity & the mess it can make vs. nature. Talk about making a delightful in-your-face social remark!

Shop VagaBondnyc.com now, where shipping is always free, everywhere!

90's MOSCHINO Nature vs. Future Printed Skirt Suit-$388

Vintage knitted waistcoat

Several months ago i sold the above vintage man's waistcoat knitting pattern on http://www.specialistauctions.com/

The buyer of the pattern recently sent me a photo of the finished waistcoat which she made as a gift for a friend. The wool is purple my favourite colour and has a black fleck in it, notice the buttons are different shades of purple.

I have another vintage man's waistcoat pattern forsale on http://www.specialsitauctions.com/ this time with a zipper.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The FASH-A-MATIC Suit Jacket!

Don't you just love that name? Fash-A-Matic.

The visual that inspires for me is little glass doors with clothes behind each one & you put your money in & remove the garment like an Automat Cafeteria for fashion.

Here is the cutest little vintage late 50s lightweight spring jacket with all of the original tags & the Fash-A-Matic label on the left sleeve.

From the big hang tag: Fash-A-Matic THE AUTOMATIC WASH & DRY SUIT.

It's made of Rayon & Dacron with a crisp finish in a tiny houndstooth weave.
Alas, the skirt is missing, sure wish I could go to that fashion automat & pluck one from behind a little glass door...

Available at The Spectrum but the auction ends in a matter of minutes so please check our other listings, we have some wonderful NOS & NWT vintage clothing on eBay & at Etsy.