Thursday, February 19, 2009

When Vintage Goes Wrong...

Hi, everybody -

I like to write about the "real side" of the vintage seller lifestyle, not just the great stuff I have for sale (although I do!). I wouldn't do it if I did not love vintage clothes, wearing them, buying them, turning them inside out and admiring the handiwork. Recently I purchased two stunning vintage 50s pencil dresses for myself, one black with cut-velvet roses, one burgundy with an atomic print (from vintage*classic*styles and the Vintage Vortex, respectively). The first one I even wore the other day to a series of Fashion Week events, under a wild 1980s raincoat I picked up at the Pier Show last year.

And yes, that's a black 1940s felt purse from my stash! The main thing I'm missing in my vintage wardrobe are black hats that are not made of straw. I have a huge head, so usually buying online is not an option.

But I digress. As you all know, I announced on this blog that I was closing my Specialist Auctions store, and then I changed my mind. Well, it got changed back for me, unfortunately, due to a series of circumstances that I will not post about, other than to say I'm deeply regretful that it happened. However, no hard feelings on my part.

So the Mad Fashionista's Plus Size Boutique on Specialist Auctions has been foreclosed, you might say. I'd move the listings and pictures to my other sites, but the site owner has informed me that they in fact no longer exist. (Fellow sellers, keep that in mind before you get a site owner mad.)

After I finish rephotographing everything and rewriting the lost descriptions, I will be moving the listings to my (ugh) Ebay store, Fashiondig, and possibly The latter is not really a seller's site, per se, but a lingerie seller turned me on to it and I've listed two collections over there, one of plus-size clothing and one of plus-size vintage lingerie.

So it is with a sigh that I ride off into the sunset...wait, I don't get to do that, do I? Let me rephrase that in 2009 terms. So it is with a sigh that I change all of the links on my various pages, Twitter, etc.

Definitely less dramatic, and no less hard on the butt, unless you have a better office chair than I do.

Peace, love, and good pasta,


andapanda said...

You look amazing!!

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

I hope you weren't text messaging at the fashion shows like Paris Hilton!