Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is with the incessant talking?? Can’t a gown get a little shut eye? Who is this mysterious woman they keep saying is going to love me? They keep saying I’m right up her alley and that she should be in today. Lucky for me I’m hanging on a rack towards the front of the store and I can see each person as they come in. Heck, I don’t even need to see them because of that darn bell they have attached to the door. Oh no it’s that kid again. What is it about bells that make little boys grab them and clang them as loud as they can. Can’t that kid see I’m trying to rest here??

Well here comes another customer in the door. The manager is greeting her like she’s a long lost friend and now she’s saying she hasn’t been in because of all the snow and her girls being home from school, as if anyone really cares about that. She’s making a beeline right to where I’m hanging. Nope, wait, she’s starting at the opposite end of the rack. Oh well I’ll be here forever. Doesn’t anyone like the 1960s anymore??!! She’s getting closer and frowning now. Guess she’s not finding anything to her liking.

Oh my. She’s spotted me. The manager is giggling and saying, “I thought that one would catch your eye. It’s right up your alley.” Oh my gosh she’s checking out all my crochet work and she knows her stuff. Boy that feels nice after all these years. What do you know, she’s checking out my label and getting all excited. Oh wow she’s putting me over her arm and walking towards the register! I’m free! I’m free! Boy this manager is just twisting me all around to find my price. My new owner is saying “let me fold this up.“ Boy her hands are soft and she knows how to handle a fine vintage gown like me. She’s stroking my crochet work and saying how amazing the work is. Ah it feels good to be handled so gently. Boy it sure feels good to be ooohed and ahhed over. It’s been so long. Here I go into the plastic bag. I wonder where she’s taking me. Gee I hope she’s going to clean me and steam me. I’ve almost forgotten how good it feels to be freshened up and presentable again.

Vintage 1960s Fred Leighton Hand Crocheted Gown XS

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