Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vintage 1 Mass Production 0

Apparently consumer complaints are on the rise. According to London's Consumer Complaints Department, there are alot of angry women out there. Now in the top ten list of complaints behind cell-phone contracts and used cars, badly made women's fashions are proving that a vintage garment is far superior to mass produced items.

Clothing manufacturers are faced with alot of competition these days. In an effort to streamline costs and make more money, they outsource their garments from other countries and inevitably cut corners. It's difficult to keep track of a dress being made in say, China, when you are in Canada. A defective product is now common and consumers are getting tired of it.

On the basis of a survey of 3,500 women, Global Cool, a climate change charity in Britain, estimated that in 2008 British women spent more than half of their fashion budget on clothes, shoes and accessories that were never worn – a.k.a. landfill.

That's something to think about.

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