Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rudi Gernreich...Intergalactic Knitwear

With the economy the way it is today it seems natural for designers to look towards the 30's & 40's for inspiration since that too was an incredibly difficult time, however we feel that dour times don't always call for the drab aesthetics designers seem to be channeling today. Yes our financial climate may be worrisome, and designers are obviously scrambling to fill that void, however this past New York Fashion Week was a sea of emotionless creations, clothing that doesn't necessarily speak to the heart. And while it's a fact that clothing is a necessity, and we all need those fundamental basics, we think that in today's world something with a light-hearted optimistic feel also sounds incredibly viable. And with that sense of fantasy on hiatus from fashion at the moment, and with the world changing at the speed it is, turning to the 60's seems more advantageous to us. After all, the 60's itself was a time of significant societal change in a mangled hap-hazard world, much like today.

Take the prolific, adventurous designs of German born American designer and 60's icon RUDI GERNREICH for instance, while his clothing may have caused quite a controversial stir at one time with their brash forwardness, today they seem to resonate exuberance and a much needed optimistic, youthful joie de vivre. It may be thirty-plus years after it's creation, yet will can't think of anything more felicitous than this red knit dotted & striped contrast Gernreich dress with matching trouser socks.

RUDI GERNREICH Contrast Dress w Matching Stockings-$1,248

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