Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Next "Big Thing" in Jewelry

In all of my 30 years of selling and buying costume jewellery, I have never ever seen such a bargain as this in genuine cultured pearls. This gorgeous strand of majorica pearls has that subtle orient which is highly sought after and adorns any kind of vintage outfit from classic 1950's to summer of sixty nine.

Before these are 'snapped up' take a look at them in person on Specialistauctions.com here


At this price they won't be around a whole lot longer. In original box, with all the original guarantees and sales slip, this is an ideal gift, or that perfect accessory to your vintage outfit

With all supporting documents, this strand of the finest possible cultured pearls from the small Spanish island of Majorca (home to tennis number one Rafa Nadal) is absolutely 1000% guaranteed to be genuine, and in unworn absolutely perfect condition.

Anyone who owns a tv set cannot fail to see that vintage costume jewelry is making a comeback bigtime, and the biggest come back (did they ever go away?) is pearls and a brooch.

Just to say the lady who is selling these is a friend of mine, and we both absolutely guarantee these to be precisely and exactly as described - and a MASSIVE bargain for someone who wants to bag a Valentines Day bargain, already boxed !

If anyone else (probably zillions) saw the unauguration of Hillary Clinton to her office then you will have noticed the gorgeous pearl necklace she wore. She also had a super vintage costume jewellery brooch or pin on her shoulder.

What could be more perfect to complete that retro vintage clothing outfit than a genuine strand of cultured pearls from the home of the highest quality pearl producers on the planet? Pearls add that touch of class which is an almost impossible look to capture without them.

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Anonymous said...

They are prettier than those that Hilary Clinton is wearing.

I will point my husband in this direction as it gets nearer to Valentines and hope they are still here......

Virginia Lupe