Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Specialist Auctions Store Is Staying Open!

Hi, everybody -

I've been away from here for a long time due to a minor but annoying illness. Not being able to do much but watch "House" on DVD left me with a lot of time to think, and I decided that I wanted to keep my SA store open. After all, every venue is an opportunity, and they do have the BEST customer service I've ever encountered. And it doesn't cost anything to list there unless you sell something, in which case it's 3% of the final value fee. It doesn't get much better than that. So even if my sales there are slow, my merchandise is out there. I think of it as a consignment store across town run by a lovely staff.

So there are still plenty of goodies over there at, and I am very open to haggles on any piece of merchandise!

I hope that everyone has been seeing lots of green, and I look forward to contributing to this blog more in the near future!

Elisa aka hoardmeister aka The Mad Fashionista

P.S. Since I announced the closing, I made several sales--including this beautiful Mod dress.

Maybe I should announce I'm closing every couple of months! LOL!


purplestevie said...

Hi Elisa,

That's great, I'm so pleased you are staying at specialistauctions..

Hope you have more sales soon....

Hoardmeister said...

I'm sure I will, I need to do a lot of listing. I have bins up to the ceiling!!!