Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fashion Has Gone to the Birds!

Bird, birds, birds! We just love our birds in their many shapes and forms.

So just what is it about our pretty feathered friends that we so admire?

Is it their brilliantly colored feathers? Their graceful flight? The beauty of their song?

This week, we have a lovely “flock” of vintage bird themed clothing and jewelry, with selections that will make you “squawk” with delight!

So come along and see what we’re “crowing” about!

Get ready to boogie in this fun looking disco era Hukapoo shirt at Catbooks1940s, with a host of colorful tropical parrots frolicking among the ferns.

“Bird is the Word” at JessJamesJake, where there’s an entire category devoted to the vintage avians. Here is a cute Nautical bird dress and vibrant red cardinal scarf.

Tweet, tweet! Two chirping little birdies adorn this sweet vintage Persian enameled “Meenakari” pin, available at Metro Retro Vintage.

Golden long tailed “Birds of Paradise” gently swoon about this lovely chiffon turquoise Caftan from Andapanda’s Vintage Clothing.

Birds of a feather ... will certainly flock toward this lovely and luxurious, silky green kimono with a print of softly cascading feathers from Luxe Vintage.

“Who whoooo - will take me away”, asks the wise little owl by Jonette, in this cute “trembler” or “nodder” head pin, available at ZooStew.

So be sure to get wise like the owl and swoop up one of these delightful vintage birdies before they fly away!


jess said...

awesome list!! tweet tweet. i love all your bird finds - thanks so much for the include.

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

I love novelty prints with birds, and bird pins. Very cool photo of Tippi too!

andapanda said...

Thanks for adding my bird caftan. it's really pretty!! Andrea