Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Weak Canadian Buck Makes for Great Vintage Bargains

The Canadian dollar is exchanging these days at $1CAD=84 cents US and $1CAD = 0.62 EUR.

Shopping at Some Like it Vintage in Canadian dollars couldn't be better for our US and European customers!

A $100 CAD purchase really only costs $84 USD.
$100 CAD = $62 EUR What a bargain!

$25CAD = $21 USD / $25CAD = $15 EUR

$50CAD = $42 USD / $50CAD - $31 EUR

$75CAD = $63 USD / $75 CAD = $46 EUR

The savings are better the higher the Canadian purchase. Lots of new items now available in the store!

Marjorie Montgomery Yellow Cotton Swing Dress, c. 1950s
G.A. Dunn & Co. Trilby Hat, early 1900s

Mindy Ross Black Cotton Twill Swing Dress, C. 1950s
Ui-Maikai Schlitz Promo Hawaiian Shirt, c. 1960s

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