Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vintage Classifieds on the Vintage Bulletin

I'm going to try something new on the Vintage Bulletin, hopefully it will work out for everyone. I found a way for people to post classifieds for special items that they are looking for or that they have to trade or sell. Anyone can post there, and sellers or whoever, can contact the person directly if they have what the person is looking for.
I'm not sure how it will work out. If I end up with alot of non-vintage spam junk in there, we won't be able to do it, because I don't have time to police spam. If I end up with alot vintage sellers spamming about their own websites or auctions in the classifieds, it's not going to work either, because that is not what my intention for it is. If you want to advertise your website or shop, you join this blog to be a regular poster, and post here all you want - But please don't post ads in the Vintage Classifieds asking people to come check out your shops.

Hopefully the Vintage Classifieds will help some of the sellers here hook up with requests from buyers out there.

So, Vintage Clothing Lovers-Shoppers-Collectors - Tell us what you want, what you need, what size, what color, what price range - Please! and be sure to include your contact info
Post it on the - Vintage Classifieds

Bye for now, Carol

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CEMETARIAN We Dig Memories said...

Fab idea.............kind of a Vintage Bulletin Wish List....LUV it!