Saturday, January 17, 2009

Teddy Bear Sweater Jumper Returns Home to Mum!

It wasn’t the kind of note I would have expected to receive, but sure did get a hoot out of it when it arrived. It started...

I know that you are not expecting this sort of email but the 2 jumpers you are selling - the teddy & the cat by Chrissy Norman, well Chrissy Norman is my mum”.

After much label hunting (with few results), it was such a pleasure to hear directly from the Normans themselves!

My parents "googled" like you do her name & your ebay listing was shown, my mum was really pleased to see that she has gone vintage!!

She continued ...

My parents started the knitwear business in the late 1970's and finally hung up the yarn in the mid 1980's, the teddy bear was the most popular with a few UK celebrities at the time wearing it.”

Well whattayaknow!

The adorable sweaters or rather jumpers “did” have an important provenance (I always knew it! Lol), and here was the proof!

Shortly after, Peter Norman himself purchased the Teddy Bear piece, and sent pictures of his designer wife wearing the jumper in 1980, as well as selling at an outdoor fair.

In an accompanying note, he explained...

My wife Chrissy Norman designed & manufactured the Teddy jumper in 1980, it was our best seller. She designed many jumpers but didn't keep one of the Teddies, so to find one after all these years is just great!!

Well, there certainly was no better feeling than reuniting the long lost Teddy jumper back with it’s ‘mum’, and to take part in the ‘happy ending’ of a story that the Normans had so generously shared.

To date, the kitty jumper remains in my shop, seeking adoption, lol!

Hopefully it will be loved and shared with the world once again -- as the Normans had done with their wonderful designs, so many decades ago!


andapanda said...

Great story!!! Thanks for sharing! Andrea

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Wow, that is a really great story. You never know who is going to find you on the internet!