Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pearls Are Back !

With the advent of a new administration in the White House and with Hillary Clinton almost always wearing a single strand of classy pearls, pearl necklaces are back with a bang.

Be in on the latest and accessorize your vintage clothing with some stunning genuine cultured pearls at a bargain price you simply will not believe. Listed at less than one third of their value. These pearls are stamped with the M for Majorica and the clasp is stamped .925 silver.

The First Lady also wears these classy accessories to her outfits on a regular basis, and the trend is spreading. It is probably going to be the fastest spreading trend in costume jewelry for years. These top quality cultured pearls are hand knotted in between each precious pearl, and threaded onto the finest quality silk.

If you want the bargain of a lifetime, an absolutely guaranteed genuine string of these pearls, with their original receipt, in their original box to add that important finishing touch to your vintage outfit, then take a look at these.

Listed at an unbelievably inexpensive price, just one third of their price when new, they will not be there for long that is sure. Just listed (and ONLY available from Specialist Auctions) you better take a look as these beauties will not last long at this price.

With silver hallmarked clasp, and the most luscious green and pink luster these pearls say it all. And at a generous 22" these pearls will fit anyone.

But genuine pearls are out of the reach of most peoples pockets. Don’t despair because one of the very best quality cultured pearls are made on a tiny island just off the mainland in Spain, they are called Majorica Pearls.

They are highly valued for their durability, their incredible luster and gorgeous orient (the play of colour which every one has). They are almost indistinguishable from genuine natural pearls.

Pearls dress up an ordinary outfit, make a business suit look really classy as well as professional, and have a wonderful freshness about them. And the beauty of it is that they compliment every single style of vintage clothing.

With Majorica they look so much like 'the real thing' that you will doubtless be complimented many times over on the classic beauty of your necklace.
Specialist Auctions - Item Number 1266311

Snap them up at Specialist Auctions today before someone else beats you to it !


Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable ! Are you sure that you have the price right ? I know that these pearls are the absolute best cultured pearls that can be bought, but for that price I simply cant believe it.

And to have the original documents AND the original box is unbelievable. My girlfriend is looking for classy pearls so I am sending her this quickly before they go.

Anonymous said...

I would say these are simply glass beads coated with nacre.

They can't be genuine Majorica pearls at that price.

I'm going to look at the original paperwork.

If it is true, then this is no joke, these things are VALUABLE

Babbette said...

I think pearls are making a come back and this is a good find! :)

Erica_Big_Blond_Boomer said...

I absolutely guarantee that these pearls are the real deal.

The lady selling them is a friend of mine, and they were a gift to her mother, who now wishes to sell them.

ALL the supporting paperwork is genuine, as are the pearls. They are stamped with the trademark M and the clasp is sterling silver (hence the colour). Each pearl is hand knotted onto silk, so that they do not rub against each other.

This is an extremely high quality item at an incredibly low price which I can guarantee you will never find again.

Anonymous said...

Could you ask your friend for a closeup picture of one or two of the pearls ? It would be nice to see the different colours (orient)

Thank you, these are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I have told my friend who is a retro freak, she wears only vintage clothes and she's been looking for Majorica pearls forever.

Found them ok but could not afford them.

These are right up her street.



bridechic said...

For me pearls never went out of style

Anonymous said...

These are the Rolls Royse of the cultured pearl world, you would NEVER find them at this price even on ebay.

They are probably sold by now.


purplestevie said...


I am the seller of the majorica pearls on specialistauctions, they belonged to my mother and are STILL for sale, so go on grab yourself a bargin...