Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mum's Patterns

Last year i rescued a small pile of sewing and knitting patterns that my Mum was going to throw away! A mixed bunch of items from the early 1950's, my favourite was a lovelyknitting pattern that my mum knitted when she was 16, she chose white angora and a lovely blue wool for the blue birds detail.

Mum was always knitting, i remember once in the mid 1970's she made me an angora sweater in a very deep cerise colour, with navy blue edging on the long sleeves and neck. She also knitted my daughter many fabulously complicated designer sweaters and cardigans.

Also in the pile was a knitting pattern for boys helmets or balaclavas i remember distinctly my brother having these in many different colours, most boys wore these in the 1960's and i just can't imagine boys would willingly wear these today!

Another pattern that took my eye again made from angora was a cap and bolero knitting pattern, my mum recalls making the bolero to match an Xmas evening dress, I just wish mum still had some of these lovely vintage clothes, i do remember in the 1970's seeing quite a few 1950's outfits in her wardrobe but alas they are no more, thrown in the dustbin. Pre charity/thrift shops that's were many clothes ended up.

This last i remember very well a lovely Simplicity evening dress pattern, she made this in 1971, in a two tone version imitating the live model on the pattern cover, i must say my mum always made her outfits very professionally and was often asked "where did you buy that dress".

Non of the above items are for sale, but specialistauctions has a huge selection of vintage and modern sewing patterns.

The 2 knitting patterns below can be purchased from purplestevie at :-


Mrs Arctic Rainbow said...

Hi Purple!

Those balaclavas and helmets are still used by children in Finland. From newborn to at least eight years old...its simply still a way of life here. It was surprising at first, now I am quite used to seeing young children all trussed up! :D

I loved the knitted top with the birds on it!

Love Michelle

Anonymous said...

Oh Purple

You make it look so easy and professional, how on earth do you do it ?

I just love your patterns and often wonder what happened to my mothers, she had hundreds and was a keen sewer and knitter !

Superb patterns, I love the one with the birds too.

Great stuff !

andapanda said...

Thanks for the great post!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post, your pictures are really good. Thank you.


Ophelia said...

Hi there!
Would I be able to get a copy of the boys helmet knitted patterns. They are so adorable. If possible please email me. Thanks :)