Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A hidden Vintage Blessing tucked inside of a dress

I sold this strapless tulle gown this week. It has a row of red flowers and two layers of ruffles along the top of the bust. As I was steaming it to pack it for shipping, I found a little surprise stitched and tucked in the ruffles on the bodice - a red felt oval with a paper blessing on each side.
Now I'm wondering who put it there, the previous wearer, or a family member? What special occasion was it worn for? How did the occasion turn out?
It's part of the fun of selling vintage clothing, wondering what a piece of clothing meant in someone's life. I won't find out the secret of this dress, but it has found a new home, to be worn with it's special blessing for another special moment in someone else's life.

Bye for now, Carol


Metro Retro Vintage said...

What a wonderful surprise and mystery all in one! I love reading stories like this! And with such a lovely dress, a blessing seems quite perfect. :)

Glamoursurf said...

Carol, that is totally cool! Thanks for sharing that. Better than things found in pockets!

Stephanie said...

How cool is that. I love that about vintage clothes too.

I always enjoy looking at your finds. I have been getting your updates and following you for about a year.

You have a good eye!

Hoardmeister said...

How lovely, and touching. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

That is a Roman Catholic scapular. The one you show, I believe, is the Scapular of the Passion. Worn similar to a saints medal for similar protection and reminder of faith. That's about all I've still got from catechism~
A beautiful sentiment and a beautiful dress~