Monday, January 5, 2009

Aw, Jeez, Do I Really Have To Go To Work?

Hi, everybody -

It's Monday. The holidays are officially over. And I am surrounded by mounds of clothes, just shipped out a big box to a consignor (contemporary clothes), fixed my fax machine (thank God for The Part Store online! My fax is 100 years old! It almost predates the invention of the telephone), and discovered that all the photos I shot last night are useless.

I am one grumpy, tired vintage seller. Part of it is recovering from the Christmas rush. One can hardly complain about actually SELLING in this economy, but waaah, I didn't wanna pack and ship! Let alone all of the other work doing this entails. You know the drill: washing, steaming, photographing, photo-editing, writing descriptions--try describing a little black dress when you are truly in a foul mood--you come up with phrases like "You're perfection at any funeral when you wear this wonder by Marcy Roberts!"

How do you folks do it? All of those great pictures, fantastic posts, have no idea how much I admire all of you.

I figure if I can't let my hair down on the Vintage Bulletin, where can I? (But not around anything polyester...that stuff picks up lint like nothing I've ever seen, and having to lint brush my own hair off a poly pants suit can be a real nightmare.)

BUT, on the bright side, I have several stores packed with cool stuff, and I am sure after a good night's sleep I will be fresh and ready to face the LBDs. Or at least the rest of my shipping.

Happy New Year!

aka Hoardmeister aka The Mad Fashionista

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