Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

Hi, everybody -

The holidays have left my apartment a complete wreck, as I scramble to keep up with shipping, photoediting, and other assorted duties. However, I wanted to wish everybody on this great blog a happy low-stress holiday season (I STILL HAVEN'T BOUGHT MY HUSBAND'S CHRISTMAS PRESENT!) Er, ahem, sorry.

And of course, his family, knowing I am trying to lose weight, have sent us an enormous smoked turkey and a 7-pound danish coffee cake called a Kringle. However, I am trying to view these offerings with gratitude. If food is love, these presents are big squishy hugs with the kinds of kisses that leave lipstick on your cheeks.

See you soon,


jen said...

Oh what a cute dog!! Glad I found your blog through twitter!!

Hoardmeister said...

Bucky is the best!