Saturday, December 6, 2008

Make it A Green Christmas

It's very easy to have a 'green', environmentally friendly christmas season. Whatever holiday is celebrated in your home, bring in gifts that are appreciated for their uniqueness and for 'being green'.

Buy vintage
No surprise here, but buying vintage clothing may prove to be difficult unless you have the exact measurements of the person you are buying for. (Of course if it's yourself, then shop away!) To play it safer, choose vintage jewelery, accessories, books or household items. Go for antique furniture too - it demonstrates alot of thought has been put into choosing this gift. Try to buy from a reputable antique dealer, as they will offer exchanges/credits if it's not exactly to the receiver's liking.

Play safe
My personal favorites are vintage jewelery and books. You can find some great gently used coffee table books. I found this Gustav Klimt book that will be a fab gift for my sister (I sure hope she's not reading this), as she is particularly fond of Klimt. This book was a steal!

My other sister might get some jewelery...still working on that one. But here are a few new pieces in the store collection that would be a perfect gift for anyone!

Don't buy new wrapping paper!
I'll bet you have a ton of bags and wrap and ribbons and bows...all left over from last year. And if you don't, start saving the wrapping you receive this year and use next year. It doesn't have to be Christmas wrapping either...use what you have.

Happy shopping!

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