Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fab Vintage Frocks for the Festive Season

Hello Ladies
Perk Up! Vintage here (we are based in Dublin, Ireland) and have the perfect solution to your holiday 'dressing up' needs.

Our fabulous collection of dresses from 50s glamour to 80s disco can be found on our new online store:

Wearing a fab piece of vintage is guaranteed to get you noticed and lets face it girls.....
no-one is gonna show up in the same frock to the party - bonus!

We have added some photos of new additions to our website.

I must say I am totally in love with the 2 velvet 1950s dresses you see here and it is with regret that I sell them on to a new loving home.

This blood red velvet full circle dress is an absolutely stunning creation. It was custom made and has been maintained to an excellent condition and the black velvet full circle dress by ‘Anne Fogarty’ is to die for.

The ‘Fogarty’ dates between 1950-1955 when Anne Fogarty worked for the Margot label. This famous American designer was known for her version of the New Look called the "Paper Doll" silhouette.

The design elements of this look was the fitted bodice, dropped neckline and very full skirts. This dress is a perfect example of that style of design she made so famous. In addition this style of clothing earned her a Coty Award in 1951

We picked up these beauties in a Manor estate auction in Port Stewart Co. Derry the lady that owned these dresses was held in a high regard in the local region and quite the socialite both in the Irish and UK scene and one can only imagine the social events and soirees that this lady would have attended in these beautiful creations!

The 1960’s psychedelia-inspired day dress I also love brings a smile to my face every time I look at it…such a fun and striking piece.

I picked up this little gem when I was living in the city of Bendigo -Australia - Renowned Gold Mining Country (along with quite a few pieces I now have in my collection)

The sexy glitter lurex dress (which is actually a skirt so you get double the fun!) was also purchased in Oz (Melbourne) this is one serious little jaw dropper and will see the new owner to many a party dancing the night away

Just a few samples of whats in stock ladies!
We only source the best and highest quality vintage we can find!

BTW, Ladies!
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Happy Holidays!
Sharon & Lisa

Perk Up! Vintage & Select Clothing

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Celia Pleete said...

That red dress is exquisite. I love, love, love that shade. And it looks well-made.