Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Nice We Have It Twice! (& Sometimes Thrice...)

Recently we at The Spectrum were lucky enough to purchase a big haul of women's vintage clothing & shoes from the estate of a Compulsive Shopper.

Now, living with a CS can be a real nightmare but all you fellow vintie lovers know it's our dream to be able to find an estate sale where the family still has all of the stuff!

And, a true CS will purchase the same outfit in every color available & will sometimes be happy enough with simply buying it & having it & will never wear all of it.

That was the case with our haul, we had & have a lot of the same things in duplicates, triplicates or even more... most with the original store, size (& sometimes even the maker & fabric) tags.

Here are two fab 50s David Crystal tailored cotton jackets currently for sale on eBay, each in a different colorway.

Click here to see the one on the left

Click here to see the one on the right

Also on eBay we have the same NWT 60s classic Mad Men style cocktail dress in black & in emerald green.

Click here for the black one - - - - - Click here for the green one

The main difference is the green one still has the original net crinoline & they are different sizes but other than that they are identical & perfect for the upcoming holiday parties.

Please visit us at The Spectrum Vintage to see all of our selling sites!

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