Monday, November 24, 2008

Make it A Sequined Season

Sequins are back! Not that they ever really left, but there was that time in the 80s....brightly colored sequins were everywhere, even on workout wear.

Black or colored sequins are the way to go this holiday season. You can find sequins on dresses in Topshop and by Alexander McQueen.

I love this Robert Rodriguez shift dress. The ultimate in simplicity but with enough sparkle when you walk in the room AND when you walk out of the room. Actually, you sparkle from every angle. You can't go wrong!
Or this vintage 70s pink one-shoulder sequined gown with stunning white scroll pattern. This is not for the shy gal ! :-) Available at Some Like it

If all-over sequins are a bit much for you, go for a sequined clutch purse. Here are two from our shop: Black sequined envelope clutch purse or a silver sequined with drop beads on the right.

Now all you need are some dancing shoes....

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