Monday, November 17, 2008

Mad Men - 60's Fashion Redux

Dear Fellow Vintage Hearts,

Who would think that proper 60's fashion would be hot again? We've already had a resurgence of hippie style fashion in the late 90's and thankfully, that hasn't really gone away. But traditional and higher fashions from the 60's haven't really caught the eye of fashionistas as viable and hot vintage clothing to wear today. That is until 'Mad Men' came along.

The AMC hit drama show and Golden Globe winner 'Mad Men', has made more traditional 60's fashion sexy and most certainly, coveted. The L.A. Times covered this topic with a November 2 article titled, " 'Mad Men' leads a revival in vintage clothing", and it's a great read. Skinny ties and dashing fedora's for men; wiggle dresses and gorgeous vintage jewelry for women. These are but a few examples of how to incorporate the 'Mad Men' style into your wardrobe.

We love that this vintage fashion has been brought to the forefront by those who recognize it's inherent beauty and are willing to wear it proudly. Consider joining them by adding small pieces to your everyday wear. A vintage necklace or sweater with those jeans...a vintage hat with your skirt and blouse. Before you know it, you'll be wearing full on suits and dresses from this era and we'll be applauding you!

Give it a try! And if you haven't watched the show, it had it's second season finale on October 26. But we're sure that AMC will be running both seasons or at least season 2 over the next month or two. It's great television and if you love fashion, it's pure eye candy!

Vintage Kisses,
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Market Publique said...

Love Mad Men! I actually found some items that look almost exactly like the ones they wear on the show. I should post them on my blog...

The Dusty Dog Vintage Boutique said...

You definitely should! I know I'd love to see them! If you do, post the link here in the comments so I can take a look. :o)

Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a wonderful day!

The Dusty Dog Vintage Boutique

sixties said...

I just love fashion and clothes from the sixties! I would be more than excited for that fashion to become hot again!