Saturday, November 1, 2008

....the joy of etsy :-)

Hi, everyone! I've been getting a little bit more familiar with etsy and the offerings there. I've opened up a store, and have made some sales to FANTASTICO customers!

Why do I love etsy?

-people are uber friendly + responsive + helpful community forums
-it's so easy to list things for sale there, compared to some other sites I've sold on
-the offerings there are fabulous - I've found the cutest ever owl sweater there from
DANDELION VINTAGE and I've found the cutest ever giraffe sweater from RockyMountainRetro!

So I'm obviously into vintage novelty 70s sweaters right now. :) If you see any others let me know I'm game to grab them all up for myself!

My public shop on etsy is

Right now my own favorite pieces in store, perfect for fall is this 50's - 60's tile print alphabet cotton dress that would look perfect with a creme ivory cardigan! A steal at only $36.00! on this coral Vanity Fair pretty enough to wear as a dress full slip with lace bodice...heaven!

Isn't it just lovely?

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Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

That giraffe sweater is so cute! I'm glad that you are enjoying the owl sweater. I kept one from the same estate that had birds on it.