Friday, November 21, 2008

Hollygab Needs You

I have been blogging since last May and I'm working on a few regular features for my blog, Hollygab. I'd love to have vintage dealers participate in these features and I'm here to ask for your help.

One of my monthly features is called CLECKTIONS: What Do You Collect?. You can see past editions here. If you've got a collection that you'd like to show off, please contact me. I'm interested in anything you collect, but I'm specifically interested in collections that focus on vintage items.

I also try to do a feature every Friday (and I'm very bad at keeping up with it) called I Gots The Wants! I trawl eBay for things I want and highlight them in a round-up style post. Next week, I plan to do the Website Edition of I Gots The Wants. I want to see your items! I'm reprinting a (slightly) revised copy of this week's edition here so you can see how it works. All images are clickable and editorial content is all mine. I have no affiliation with the sellers, so I can't endorse the items entirely, but some of you I do know and adore.

Won't you please send me a link to any of your items on your website that you think might inspire the "wants" in me? I'd love to browse your site and show you off on my blog! Thanks!

I've been extremely sporadic with I Gots The Wants and one reason is because the search on eBay is totally wonky. I mean, it is not just wonky, it's so wonky it's like Kentucky Wonkified Chicken! (Don't blame me for that one. I sometimes like to pretend I'm Tracy Jordan from 30Rock.)

Speaking of Kentucky Fried--I must interject with this photo to which I raise my original recipe fried chicken leg in a rousing gesture of supreme approval. Check this out!

You can bid on this K-Fried chandelier (weirder words have never been put together) on eBay now, by the way. And yeah, speaking of eBay, my searches have been riddled with much frustration. Fool that I am, I sometimes forget to opt out of the "new search experience" on eBay and once I do remember to opt out, I have to start my search again. If the new search experience is meant to force me to search anew again, then hooray, eBay! You've done it! You've made me start searching, opt out and then start again which basically makes anyone who's sane decide to just quit searching because it's supposed to be fun, not tediously annoying.

Let me just get this out in the open in case I'm being obtuse. This new search experience on eBay pretty much chaps my arse. I'm not finding things easily. This is the innerwebs, people. This is eBay, folks, not the flea market. Please don't make me root around in dusty piles of stuff and dig for buried treasure when all I really want to do is find that certain thing that matches the keywords I've put into the search field.

Is this a rant? Why no!

It's I Gots the Wants. To make up for my failure to produce this feature more regularly, I've compiled a whole lotta wants! Remember--most of these end soon so you'd better get bidding if you get the wants! Okay. Let's go!



Hello? Roberta di Camerino handbag? Hi! This is your friend, Holly.

Oh, sure you remember me. We met a few years ago. I was at that party and I was talking about how great it was to find you in a thrift store, but how it was sorta sad because you were just a wallet and what I really wanted was a handbag....remember that?

Yeah, I know. I know. I was really not very nice to the velvet wallet I had and now it's sitting in the bottom of my dresser drawer, but this time, I promise I won't let you get all dirty. I won't get coffee on you and I won't throw you in the back seat or set you on the counter in the bathroom of Target.

What's that? Oh, believe me. I really am sorry and I do apologize for being messy. But listen, RDC purse...I swear. If you let me have you, I'll keep you out of the rain, snow and sleet and only carry you when I'm visiting smart people who will know the power and style that is inherent in owning something as perfect as you. I'll dust you off at night and put you into your own special dust bag and I'll never ever let anyone be mean to you again!

Huh? Oh, No. Go ahead. Take that other call. No problem. I'll hold...


WANTS! Eleven inches square and coming to bite your face off, it is -- Needlepoint Cat Pillow II: Electric Bugaloo.

WANTS! So elegant, so Danish, so modern, so rosewood finish, so sad, so expensive. (Plus, I just got a cute new desk on Craigslist that looks like this except it is white.) You should take a look at this auction, though. This desk is really gorgeous. If you're in the market for one, I'd say this is primo.

WANTS! Young man painting might not be from the '20s. He looks like he's wearing a Beacon blanket robe from the 40s. There's not much going on in this portrait that leads me to think of the 1920s, but I can't tell. I'll take him, anyway. I'd like to add that I'd like him stretched and in a nice black frame. (That's what she said.)

WANTS! And speaking of Beacon blanket robes, I couldn't help but notice these terrible photos of this very wonderful Beacon blanket robe. Let me tell you something. If you have one of these robes, you will be kept very warm. These robes get better with age, too. They become softer and filled with more blankety goodness. I have owned two and am soon going to buy another when the right one comes along. I am passing on this because I think you really do have to feel them to know if they're good. (Sometimes, they're not soft. They feel kind of rough and icky.) Plus, I think I like the ones that look more like Indian blankets. But this one is nice.

WANTS! This is a lovely suit. It's made by Lilli Ann and it has a wonderful signature print lining. (Save this link to the Lilli Ann site. It's a good reference.)

WANTS! How's about this sexy shelf-bust crumb catcher dress? Yeowza! (Pssst...don't you think it's 50s, not 40s?)


Dear Santa,

You know where I live, right? If you loved me you would get this incredible Paganne dress for me.

WANTS! I have been thinking that I'd like something like this. Actually, I was thinking of one of those all white Saarinen type tulip end tables, but I think this is better. I think this has a lot of possibility as a side table in my livingroom. If only I wasn't broke. I also like this base for a side table. It's so over the top which is why I love Hollywood Regency style. (Hey...anyone have a good Hollywood Regency style book to recommend?)

WANTS! A certain someone wants a certain cobalt blue dress with some certain fox fur trim.

WANTS! I love good leopard print. (With leopard prints, there is good and there is bad. Find the good in many vintage garments, find the bad at Hot Topic.) I have a great leopard jacket that I like to wear with pants. You can bet this one would be so great with jeans, too.

WANTS! Yellow is not my color, but I do adore these Mexican appliqu├ęd jackets. This one would be charming with a thin pencil skirt or wide legged dark jeans. I'd be very tempted to wear cobalt blue under it or some wonderful multi-colored print.

WANTS! This is pretty! And easy to wear. It seems like it would be fun dressy dress because it wouldn't take a lot of effort to make it look stunning. And, I love how the waist is seamed and styled.

WANTS! Just because this isn't the best photo, don't be fooled into thinking these are not super saucy 40s pajamas. They're pinup worthy and I'd take them in a red hot minute in my size. If you haven't found out how great wide legged 40s pajamas are, I implore you to find a pair and lounge around in them. I also implore you not to run in them because sometimes (or so I've heard) you can trip on the wide leg and rip the pants. That's the sort of thing I've heard about that makes some girls yell, "Sheeet! On no! Not the jammies!!" Not that it's ever happened to me.

WANTS! One last lovely to lust after--a very pretty necklace.

Tune in next Friday for the next installment of I Gots The Wants: Website Edition. Got something on your website that you think might be right for "I Gots The Wants?" Send your link to us by clicking here.

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