Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are Vintage and Marital Bliss Compatible?

"You have to get that stuff out of here!"

That has been my husband's battlecry for...oh, dear, probably about three years. And yet during that time, my vintage collection has slowly grown, despite the best efforts of declutterers, organizers, personal poverty...

And it's just my luck that I live with the heterosexual equivalent of Felix Unger. (Don't kid me, you knew back then, didn't you?) His other saying? "Wash your hands!" And it's not just about vintage. Anything I've touched--computer keyboard, doorknob, the dog--is grounds for immediate cleansing. And it's just his luck that he lives with the female equivalent of Oscar Madison.

Here is our book-lined gallery in 2006:

Note the single clothing rack.

And a full length shot of our living room/home office, with my "Ebay store" made from Elfa shelving on the left side behind the divan.

Here is a more, uh, current shot of the gallery:

And a picture of the home office:

I'd call it airing my dirty laundry, but it's more like airing my about-to-be-washed laundry. Despite my best efforts, piles surround us in every room, and my husband complains that our apartment does not feel like a home. What to do?

For one thing, I have decided to liquidate as much of my inventory as possible in the next six months. Problem is, most of it is too nice to go for bargain basement prices.

However, yesterday, I spent hours filling three HUGE boxes with men's and women's vintage coats, clothes, accessories and lingerie, then listed it on Ebay as a mystery grab bag. I still have about two feet of space in one box, which will be filled! My husband's main request was that the rack finally move out of the gallery. The only problem is, this is what had to replace it:

Oh, well, who needs to read anyway? At least you can see (most) of the floor.

It would have been more gratifying if my husband had noticed the rack was gone when he came in from work last night, but you can't have everything.

For all of you vintage sellers out there, contact me if you would like to buy stuff below cost. I would really like to see my bookshelves again!



Violet Folklore said...

Ah man, something we can all relate to! My husband finally put up a long hanging pole running the length of our living room wall in order to get everything organized and out of the way. See photos here (maybe show them to your husband!):

Hoardmeister said...

Wow! We actually have a plan that we don't agree on, which will be discussed after Thanksgiving, to switch the bookshelves into the living room and the selling stuff into the gallery so it's not all over the place. I want to, he does not.