Saturday, November 29, 2008

SALE! Black Friday Through Cyber Monday!

Don't forget our big kick-off-your-holiday-shopping sale! Visit The Dusty Dog at Etsy for some really unique and fun vintage gifts!

From Black Friday through Cyber Monday (that's 4 days!) receive 15% off of ALL items in our store! Sale begins 12:00 AM November 28th and runs through 12:00 AM December 2. We also offer FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all items...everyday.

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We'll also be announcing a giveaway contest Friday night. Check back for details!

Go green this shopping season! Leave the car parked at home and try shopping for vintage or handmade items online. There's an amazing array of beautiful items for gift giving on the web and you'll be supporting small businesses too!


Sale Details:

  • Sale Begins 12:00 AM EST 11/28/08
  • Sale Ends 12:00 AM EST 12/2/08
  • Items purchased before or after these posted times and dates are not eligible for the sale.
  • Sale does not include sales tax for Pennsylvania residents. Pennsylvania residents will be charged sales tax after all discounts are applied.

Mystery Bonus Discount Details:

  • You must convo us on Etsy with your mention of the blog ad to qualify for the mystery discount. Discount will be applied after your payment is made, and will be in the form of a refund. The discount will apply to the original sale price.
  • Sale does not include sales tax for Pennsylvania residents. Pennsylvania residents will be charged sales tax after all discounts are applied.

Three Huge Boxes...the Story Continues

Hi, everybody -

I wrote a few days ago about packing three huges boxes for a wholesale lot sale. And how they sat, prominently featured, in my front hall, until we had to move them into the living room/Ebay store because we hosted Thanksgiving. (We had a blast--I hadn't hosted for at least fifteen years!)

In a bit we are meeting with a friend who is also a professional organizer, and he suggested redoing the layout of the apartment in such a way so that all of the bookshelves would be in the living room, and all of the Ebay Store would be in the front hall in the corner. We call it the "Ebay store" even though I sell in multiple venues.

But my husband is so dazzled by the results of my cleanup it's going to be a hard sell. Here is the front hall, the morning after Thanksgiving:

I didn't think to take a picture of the holiday table when it was set, of course.

And here is my Ebay store in the home office:

And just for the heck of it, here is a picture of me right after I quit drinking nine years ago:

What can I say, I like to brag. Believe it or not, I got even FATTER after that pic was snapped!

I have a feeling there's going to be some big arguments today. The fact that I literally cannot get to anything doesn't seem to cut much mustard with the husband...maybe that's because I couldn't really get to anything before, either. All my closets are already full, too.

They really are BIG boxes.

Pray for me, guys, and have a great weekend!


Friday, November 28, 2008

The *R* Word

Well, the *R* word is here. (That's recession for those who have been living in a cave....) :-)

It's unpleasant. It makes people worry. But to ease the pain, we now offer layaway. A very easy and simple plan with no interest charges or fees. Shop at Some Like it the way you normally would, then email us what you would like to put aside on layaway. Pay 25% deposit and then you have a choice of 30, 45 or 60 days to pay the balance in full. It's very, very easy and very, very flexible. View complete policies here.

Some new items to consider.

Black Friday Specials and Vintage Blowout Sale

It's Black Friday and the busiest shopping day of the year..........along with the Vintage Blow Out Sale on eBay, I am offering a 15% coupon on any purchases from

Just use the coupon code VBO

Today I'm adding bunches of Coats and Suits and Jackets from all eras. 1950's, 1960's, 1970', 80's and newer.

I'm also adding several holiday Craft patterns, it not too late to grab a sweet Santa Claus and get him made in time for Christmas, or if Angels or Elves are more to your liking, I've got several of them also.


Grandest Sale of the YEAR 50% OFF ONE DAY ONLY

Celebrate the holidays with me and join in on the biggest SALE of the year! Starting in the morning, day after Thanksgiving (black Friday) @ 12:01 AM CST, Sydney's Vintage Clothing will be offering 50% off, you read it right, EVERYTHING in the web store! This SALE is a ONE DAY SALE ONLY. It will end at midnight on 11/27/08 CST.

During this sale USA customers that spend $100 or more get FREE priority shipping.

ALL Sales are Final for this sale, no returns, no exchanges, no exceptions.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

And don't forget to pass the savings !! The VBO sale is now underway at eBay. Search VBO for vintage under 20.00. Now through December 4th.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Three Huge Boxes...

I have too much inventory. WAY too much inventory.

So I thought of what might be an inventive way to get rid of some, in a super-sized lot of over 100 items. The idea of steaming and photographing, say, 50 slips made me want to go hide under the bed. But what about a mystery grab bag?

I had seen those auctions and they seemed like a fun, easy way to clear out a big load of clothing. Only I needed some big boxes. After spending over an hour trying to make a big box out of a box that a child's crib had come in (slashing myself with the box cutter in the process and trying not to bleed too badly on the shipping tape I was using to vainly hold the asymmetrical thing together), I gave up and went to the UPS Store, where I bought three 20 cubic foot boxes for a mere $30.00. Hey, this is New York.

They were really. Big. Boxes.

I started opening tubs and throwing open closets, folding and tossing clothes into the boxes as I went. Since the place as always was a hellacious mess, slipping and sliding on random empty shipping envelopes and papers and the occasional scarf was a definite hindrance to efficiency. Nevertheless, I had one box filled, and then another, and then...

Paralysis set in. I was surrounded by bins and closetsfuls of vintage clothing, lingerie, and accessories, but I could no longer choose what to put in the last box. How could I actually part with that indigo Miss Elaine jumpsuit, even if I still hadn't gotten around to listing it after three years?

(I am posing on a box because the jumpsuit was far too short in the torso for long-waisted me, and if I stood up straight, it would have cut me in half lengthwise.)

Or those cute Vanity Fair nylon pajamas? Or any of those adorable silk figural handkerchiefs? Or any more coats, even though I hadn't even photographed them and coat season is technically over?

"Strap on a pair!" my inner voice ordered me. "Fill that last box NOW! Before you can think about it! Just grab anything and throw it in the box!" I did as the voice told me (the things it commands me to do are not always so benevolent), as fast as I could. Lo and behold, the level of folded material grew higher until it was nearly level with the top. I had three enormous boxes filled with over 100 pieces vintage men's and women's vintage clothing, including macrame belts, 1950s lace dresses, even a few designer pieces in small sizes.

My karma prevents me from being able to sell anything small-sized. I don't know why.

I don't know which is worse: the fact that the boxes barely made a dent in the amount of vintage around here, or that they haven't sold. The Boxes, as I think of them, mocked me every time I walked through the front hall to the bedroom or the kitchen, especially when one of my cats perches on them. Which they like to do. The listing sat, with five watchers, in my store.

Today, in preparation for Thanksgiving, a helper and I moved EVERYTHING out of the front hall and into our home office (which is one half of our living room). "Keep The Boxes in the front!" I told him. "They might get sold!"

Pathetic, huh?

They are really big boxes.


***THANKSGIVING SALE at Violet Folklore!***

Beginning Thanksgiving Day and extending until Tuesday, December 2nd.

Buy one item, get the second (lower priced) item for half off! We won't even charge you any extra shipping for the second item!

ALSO- we have knocked a few bucks off of all of our items which were listed over $70!!!!

How to take advantage of our sale:

Option 1- Pay now through Paypal and we will reimburse your account within twelve hours in order to give you the sale price.

Option 2- Purchase items, but do not complete the checkout process, and Convo us immediately so that we can adjust the price for you.

Get your shop on here!
And keep your screens glued to this here URL over the holiday break as we will be whipping up some fancypants blogs featuring the best of what Violet Folklore has to offer for December's festivities and beyond!

[The photograph above was taken by Ralph Morse and ran in Life Magazine in 1955].

Vintage Blow Out Sale! Set your alarm!

Starts tonight at Midnight California set you alarms!

It promises to be a good sale this time. So shop while the Turkey's in the oven.

Silk Velvet

Textile historians don't really know the date when silk velvets were first made and traded but they were carried along the fabled Chinese Silk Road that ran to and from Italy in the 12th century.

Romans likely first encountered silk in an expansion campaign against the Parthians in 53 B.C. The Romans kept exploring into what we know today as China. Trade was brisk between Asia and Persia and also with Egypt and around the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Chinese silk fabrics were traded in Venice as early as the 9th century, and the velvet manufacturing center of the world eventually became Florence, Venice and Genoa. These city-states dominated velvet manufacturing, as did Siena and Lucca until the 19th century.

In Persian textile history during the 11th and 13th centuries, silk brocades and velvets were used for clothing and home decoration elements.

We likely all know that blue "jeans" takes its name from Genoa, which made the wonderful indigo dyed cotton fabric. Velvet is an Italian word made from "vello", meaning fleece, and "velluto", meaning velvety or fleecy.

The way velvet catches the light, and seems to change color with every movement, it captivates royals and servants alike. When we think of festive fabrics and clothes, velvet always comes to mind. Silk is a traditional fabric of luxury and silk velvet is an especially alluring combination of shine and softness exuding drama and splendor.

Before WWII silk was quite common in American fashions because of our trade with China and Japan. Silk fabrics were produced in New Jersey during the 1800's. The US industry then had to look for silk substitutes, leading to the invention of nylon, as well as the increased use of older "synthetic silks", both rayon and acetate.

Silk velvet is a rather sheer and luxurious fabric and a joy to see, to feel, and to wear. Featuring design elements of the late 30s and early 40s, these 2 silk velvet dresses are in wonderful large sizes!

30s 40s Ruby silk velvet party M L dress

30s 40s Blue sapphire silk velvet XL gown

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Sale @ Penelopepup's Vintage!

To celebrate the holidays we're having a big sale!

Through December you can save 20% on your order at Penelopepup's Vintage Clothing by using the code: vintage20 at checkout.

A few of our newly added items:

Vintage 70's Plaid Skirt S/M

80's Gold Lion Metal Link Belt

70's Orchid Print Disco Dress M

70's White Embroidered Oaxacan Dress XS-M

Monday, November 24, 2008

Vintage Purses

Scans of vintage purses from my desk calender.

Love it!
"Leather basket bag with ruched interior. Roger Model for Elisa Schiaparelli, mid 1930's"

"Tricolor handbag in red, white and black. Late 1940's"

Julie~Damn Good vintage

Make it A Sequined Season

Sequins are back! Not that they ever really left, but there was that time in the 80s....brightly colored sequins were everywhere, even on workout wear.

Black or colored sequins are the way to go this holiday season. You can find sequins on dresses in Topshop and by Alexander McQueen.

I love this Robert Rodriguez shift dress. The ultimate in simplicity but with enough sparkle when you walk in the room AND when you walk out of the room. Actually, you sparkle from every angle. You can't go wrong!
Or this vintage 70s pink one-shoulder sequined gown with stunning white scroll pattern. This is not for the shy gal ! :-) Available at Some Like it

If all-over sequins are a bit much for you, go for a sequined clutch purse. Here are two from our shop: Black sequined envelope clutch purse or a silver sequined with drop beads on the right.

Now all you need are some dancing shoes....

New Party Wear and One FABULOUS Suit!

I've just added two terrific dresses, with two distinct attitudes, for the holidays ~
Also for your approval, an amazing Navy Blue Wool Gabardine Suit in EXCELLENT condition - and it's a comfortable size L/XL~


Hello everyone! Amazing coats and adorable dresses in the store this week. Auctions end this Thursday. Click here to shop! Thanks for looking and have a great week. Adah

Stunning friends forever

Each of them were striking in their own way. There was Eva, with her flashing green eyes and bountiful red hair in a dress of seafoam green brocade that hugged her luscious figure.

Vintage 1950s Seafoam Green Brocade Dress B38 W32 H44

Not to be outdone there was LaRue, with her violet eyes and coal black naturally curly hair in a putty brocade that complimented her broad shoulders, long waist and even longer legs.

Vintage 1950s Putty Brocade Dress B38 W32 H48

But let's not forget Helen, with eyes of brown and honey blonde hair in a mocha latte taffeta dress that accentuated her hourglass shape and tiny waist

Vintage 1950s Mocha Latte Taffeta Embroidered Dress B40 W32 H42

or Evelyn, the ice maiden with blonde hair, navy blue eyes and a gorgeous dark navy blue chiffon dress that showed off every one of her curves.

Vintage 1950s Dark Navy Blue Chiffon Dress B38 W32 H42

Now these friends could have easily been enemies, dancing their Friday and Saturday nights away at the Laurel Villa but besides beauty, they had brains and valued their friendship above everything else.

Now their dresses are available for you. Why not make some of your own history in one? Now available exclusively at

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lana Turner & James Galanos

No, they don't really have anything in common, except for the fact that they were both in Hollywood at the same time. One designed clothing and the other wore it extremely well.

The only connection they have is the fact that I got this wonderful Imitation of Life Photo Album and the Simply Stunning Chantilly Lace GALANOS Dress at the same Estate Sale. And as I was photographing and writing the listings for both I couldn't help but notice the similarity of the Lace dress Miss Turner is wearing and the Galanos Lace Dress.

That's the only connection..............except for the fact that both Turner and Galanos were outstanding in their fields.

The album was sent to the jeweler who supplied the $1,000,000 worth of jewelry worn by Lana in the film and there are 17 photos in the album with the cover letter. The album is currently listed at cemetarian on eBay.

The dress is one of the most exquisite garments I have ever had in my hands. The craftsmanship is beyond anything I have ever seen. It will be available on Monday, Nov 24th on cemetarian on eBay.