Saturday, October 25, 2008

Surfing the web for vintage...

I'm really into looking at other websites lately. Websites with all types of content. I'm completely addicted to blogging, although my blog, Adventures in Vintage, is not all about vintage. It's about vintage clothing, crafty things and life in general. If any of you have ADD, you know that life is nothing but chaotic, unless you are good at making a "to do" list and sticking with it.

Since I have not been keeping to my "to do" list, I have been online quite a bit lately, in addition to everything else. I have become online friends with Tara at The Dusty Dog. She and I have exchanged links and I really like her. I've also visited her Etsy shop recently and she has some really amazing things for sale. I especially like this hat:


She's also got these great red shoes:

I've also been contemplating the prices for some of my items for quite some time now. With the way the economy is, I've decided to evaluate the prices on some of my items. I spent the majority of last night editing listings on all of my sites: Lone Star Vintage Clothing, Lone Star Vintage Clothing on Etsy and my eBay site Lone Star Vintage Clothing on eBay. I generously discounted many items on all sites, especially on items I've had for quite some time. So, stop by and say hi. The holidays are just around the corner and you just might find some great buys for yourself or someone else. Mention this post and save 15%. Just let me know you read this post on the Vintage Clothing Bulletin and I will revise your invoice!! :-)


Samy St Clair said...

That hat is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Love those choices!