Thursday, October 2, 2008

Project Runway - Is it over yet?

I really thought I was going to be bidding a happy 'Good-Bye!' to Kenley, but apparently not. I guess that I forgot what show I'm watching, you know, Project Runway, the show that gives talent the boot just to keep the drama going on the show.

Remember when Austin was given the boot so that they could keep Wendy, or when they decided to send 4 to Fashion Week so that they could keep that DB Jeff in season 3?

Plus it really stinks that the designers have to wait all that time to find out who is really going to be showing, or I should say who is going to the final judging (because we already know that besides these 4, Suede and Joe got to show their tacky Mall clothes at Bryant Park too) I just think that it's really unfair to the top 3.

But does it make me mad enough to stop watching the show? Of course not, I love it! I love the creativity, the bad attitudes, the personalities, the drama and I love to bitch about it!

Anyway, this was another bad final challenge, with most of the designers choking, except for Kenley, who always sends the most fabulous (according to her) garment down the runway. Everyone was a little nervous about their design's except for her. She's the one that should have been the most nervous with her scaley dress. Boy was she mad on the Runway, when the other designers all said that she should be the one NOT to go to Bryant Park! That was awesome, I loved it. And when she refused to do the group hug at the end! Is she the most disliked person ever on PR?

I think alot of 'Vintage people' - myself included, started out liking her because she claimed that she was influenced by vintage fashion. But I have to say that the influence is barely there, if you really look at her clothing. Most of it looks like 1980s versions of 40s-50s stuff. That's not the same thing. Her final collection for Fashion Week does look fairly good though. But her attitude kind of makes it hard to like anything that she does. 'My life was really rough, I was the daughter of a tugboat captain' - how is that rough and tough? Was she living under a dock?

Anyway, the challenge was to go to the Botanical Garden and takes photos of flowers and create an evening dress inspired by nature. Yaaaaaaaaaaawn. Jerell seemed to win with a saggy, jaggedy hemmed dress. Leanne and Korto seemed to be having trouble, but both of their dresses were fairly nice. Kenley did a snake skin wiggle dress with petals around the bottom. The judges ripped it up and she ripped them up. But she got to stay anyway. These 4 are going to make collections, but before the actual show at Bryant Park, one of them will be eliminated. But not really, because they get to show anyway.

I didn't do a vintage related post on Project Runway last week because I couldn't find the right Rock outfits and then I lost my inspiration/motivation to do it. I almost wasn't going to do a post today, but then I figured, it's easy to find some pretty flower vintage stuff, so here you go -

1. Vintage 50s SILK NOVELTY RIBBON ROSES halter sun dress
Trapunto RHINESTONE roses! stripes
- from Capricorn Vintage

2. VINTAGE HIP SUEDE LEATHER CAPE with DAISY FLOWERS - from Northwest Ayctions Enterprise.

3. Gorgeously Graphic Floral Vintage 70s Gown Arftul and Bold - from Lucitebox

4. Delightful RED RIBBON BOUQUET print black cotton vintage 50's dress - from Dorothea's Closet

5. STUNNING Vintage 80's Petal Bust GUNNE SAX Dress XS S - from the Enchanted Closet. I chose this one because of the petal-like bust treatment, and the pretty varying shades in the purple. I thought it was flower-like.

Bye for now, Carol


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Carol,
I enjoy your take on my favorite show.

Kate B. said...

Kenley is very immature. She keeps calling herself tough, but she is just very immature and bratty.

Thanks for posting my etsy dress in one of your other posts. The customer that bought it said she saw it here.