Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Vintage Listings! 40s Glam to 80s Rocker!!!

Amazing new vintage listings are up!!!

We have killer new items, tons of them, and from all eras to satisfy everyone!!!

From 40s glam to 50s bombshell.

60s Mod to 70s Hippie.

And of course killer 80s!!!

We are happy to offer labels such as Izod Lacoste, Halston, Toni Todd, Jo Lynne, and many more!!!!

We offer fast Worldwide shipping!!!

So come check us out, see what you like, and place your maximum bid early so you don't lose out later!
So many customers wait till last minute and get outbid ny snipers, or forget to bid at ALL!!! And then write us begging for another one!!
Most vintage items are unique, and you many never find another one like or have to wait a long time to find another!!!
SO placing your bid in the ealry days of auction can help save you sadness later!!!

So go to to check out our killer new items!!!

And tell a friend about Wicked Plum Vintage!

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Wicked Plum Vintage

PS... hope to see you soon sweetie!!!!


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