Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to Butcher a Rattlesnake, How to Make Home Made Yeast and other Interesting tidbits.

I am listing cookbooks and Household tips and vintage Magazines this week on cemetarian and I found this section in a cookbook I was listing and just had to share the information because I know that inquiring minds want to know.

Cut head off about 4 inches behind head. Hang by tail just below rattles so that snake may bleed well. With sharp knife, on belly side and beginning at head end, split skin entire length. Starting with head end, separate skin from meat and peel upward to place where snake is tied; strip entrails from body of snake and dispose of.

Clip body of snake where it is tied and drop in fresh cold brine water (either cover container or be sure to stand by it, because the snake will crawl out of water). Take down skin, salt well and roll scales on outside; place in container with lid and freeze until ready to tan. When body has stopped crawling, remove and wash in fresh cold water; chop in lengths 3 to 4 inches long.

Note: Be sure to dispose of heads in covered container. DO NOT USE HANDS.

There ya have it folks...........just what you always wanted to know.

And here is the cook book named CHOCTAW NATION Sharing Our Favorite Recipes

And then there were these little tidbits:

"To remove the taste of turnips from Milk" (use one pound of saltpeter to one gallon of boiling water), "Simple Home Made Yeast" (One cup water, one half cup sugar, enough flour to make a moderately stiff batter. Let stand in warm place for 4-8 days or til it rises and falls) YUM!

Those and many more great hints are found in Tempting Traditions! Fannin County, Texas Cookbook

Or here's a great article (1951 style) on Natural Birth Control Why? When? How? in the October 1951 issue of Pagent Magazine.

More as I find them.....LOL... or you can go look for yourself in our Books and Magazine section

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