Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great letter from customer

I love getting letters from Dandelion Vintage customers. I love seeing photos or hearing stories of how the clothing that they've bought from me is being worn or cherished. This story was really interesting, because one of the things that I enjoy the most about buying vintage clothing for myself or to resell, is trying to find clues in the clothing or estates about the previous wearer. Who were they? What were their lives like? This story is about a secret and special item that was found in a garment after I sold it.

I just wanted to write and tell you this. I bought a fake fur jacket from Dandelion Vintage last autumn, the (gorgeous) old lining was shattering, so needed replaced - and on taking the lining out I found a Virgin Mary medallion on pink ribbon stitched to the inside of the coat. I'm not religious but found this really touching - my grandmother was (Irish) Catholic and very superstitious and I know she protected me and my sister with charms. I'm also an archaeologist and find any insights into the history of any particular piece of second hand clothing really interesting. And that's just one thing I love about vintage clothes, that they've had a whole life and a whole history and seen things you haven't seen, by the time you get round to wearing them...

Well, anyway, I really love the coat and now feel super safe and looked after when I'm wearing it!
Best Regards

Isn't that such a great story? And here is the jacket that Laura bought, and the charm that she found and kept inside of the coat -

Bye for now, Carol


Metro Retro Vintage said...

What a great story! And handsome coat BTW. It brought back memories -- to a time when we had holy medals and relics pinned inside our clothing and even undershirts.

Hoardmeister said...

What a touching story! Thanks for sharing this. I so often wonder what happens to the clothing my customes buy.