Friday, October 3, 2008

The Classic LBD!

Who doesn't love a classic New Look era Little Black Dress? Everyone has one, and everyone needs one! They can be worn for any occasion, and you ALWAYS have one of those coming up!

Holidays, birthdays, weddings, dates, parties, office events, funerals, graduations... the list goes on!

The only problem with a LBD, is that is is usually just a little black dress, no fuss, no frills, just simple, yet elegant, but sometimes hard to stand out or be unique in one.

Plus, they are still being made, so sometimes telling vintage from new is difficult and hard to explain when one is vintage (to those who aren't vintage addicts). And, on various auction sites, you can find hundreds of them at any one time! (Be warned that some 'vintage' LBD's are not vintage, and are recent Imported fakes or being sold my sellers with no vintage knowledge)

The ones that are vintage are usually very much alike, in small sizes. There are ones with lace and frills and such, but they aren't versatile to any occasion. It can be frustrating for anyone with a larger size bust, looking for a versatile, authentic vintage LBD, that is flattering.

How well lucky for me to be able to offer THE perfect LBD! This 1950s black wiggle hourglass dress has many cute details, including a unique tuxedo style pleated and buttoned and bowed bib insert! And it can fit a 40 bust! Go check it out now in our store!

We have many more items for sale or bid right now, and will be adding many more very soon! Hope to see you soon!

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