Friday, October 31, 2008

Great Pieces At The Mad Fashionista's Plus Size Boutique!

I've finally gotten around to taking photographs and listing after real life definitely got in the way! Here are some pretties from my Specialist Auctions store, The Mad Fashionista's Plus Size Boutique.

This deceptively simple black dress by Leslie Pomer, with beautiful "stained glass" embroidery around the neck and side slits, XXL:

Perfect for colder weather, a lipstick red Larry Levine uber-80s coat with big shoulder pads and tapered hips, bust 54:

Vintage 1960s navy blue Koratron raincoat (scarf not included):

My mannequin, Bodicea, is six feet tall and a very full-figured size 16.

And there is more to come! Please visit my shop at


Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Vintage Listings! 40s Glam to 80s Rocker!!!

Amazing new vintage listings are up!!!

We have killer new items, tons of them, and from all eras to satisfy everyone!!!

From 40s glam to 50s bombshell.

60s Mod to 70s Hippie.

And of course killer 80s!!!

We are happy to offer labels such as Izod Lacoste, Halston, Toni Todd, Jo Lynne, and many more!!!!

We offer fast Worldwide shipping!!!

So come check us out, see what you like, and place your maximum bid early so you don't lose out later!
So many customers wait till last minute and get outbid ny snipers, or forget to bid at ALL!!! And then write us begging for another one!!
Most vintage items are unique, and you many never find another one like or have to wait a long time to find another!!!
SO placing your bid in the ealry days of auction can help save you sadness later!!!

So go to to check out our killer new items!!!

And tell a friend about Wicked Plum Vintage!

Check us out on MySpace and Facebook too!!!


Wicked Plum Vintage

PS... hope to see you soon sweetie!!!!


Make and Mend For VICTORY

When I found this booklet in my stash this morning, I said to myself "Self, how appropriate for the current economic situation?"

Make and Mend for Victory published in 1942 by the Spool Cotton Company.

We all know that during the war housewives all over the country pitched in, not only as Rosie the Riveter by taking their place in the factories, but by conserving everything they could at home.

This little booklet has a CONSUMER'S VICTORY PLEDGE:

"As a consumer, in the total defense of democracy, I will do my part to make my home, my community, my country ready, efficient, strong. I will buy carefully -- I will take good care of the things I have -- I will waste nothing --

The booklet spells out just how to accomplish this with the wardrobe you have on hand.

Of course the first sections are about mending and altering garments...............but the fun part comes when they start to describe how you can utilize collars, and jabots to dress up your plain everyday dresses. (complete with instructions)

There's a great section on Smart Headwork ....A Ball of Yarn a Scrap of Felt and YOU....Looking like a Fashion Photo.

But the very best sections are the ones on remaking garments. You Have the Goods on Him (How to cut his suit down to fit YOU) and The Shirt Off His Back (Making childrens blouses and dresses from his old shirts).

And my final favorite...............There's Life in the Old Girl Yet (How to make a Jerkin from a Dress, a Jumper from a dress, Playsuit from a dress and a Bathing Suit from a dress)

The Front fly page of the book gives us these words of wisdom, which I think we might should take to heart, 64 years later.

"It's up to you to keep the home fires burning, to see that you and your family stay easy-on-the-eyes. Fortunately, you cane be patriotic and pretty both. It's easy to teach an old wardrobe new tricks, to resurrect the skeletons in your closet and bring them up to date. Come on, take those old knockabouts and turn them into knockouts, keep that glint in Uncle Sam's eye and still do your stint towards Victory!"

Find it HERE

New at Couture Allure!

Are you ready for those holiday parties? Time is flying! We've got lots of great vintage cocktail and evening dresses for you at Couture Allure! Click the pictures for details.

Vintage 60's sequin dress and jacket with fur cuffs:

Vintage 60's red crepe evening gown with floating cowl:

Vintage 80's Victor Costa silver brocade and velvet ball gown:

Vintage early 1960's black embroidered organza with pink satin waistband:

Vintage 30's velvet evening gown with ermine fur sleeves:

See lots more vintage evening wear at!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great letter from customer

I love getting letters from Dandelion Vintage customers. I love seeing photos or hearing stories of how the clothing that they've bought from me is being worn or cherished. This story was really interesting, because one of the things that I enjoy the most about buying vintage clothing for myself or to resell, is trying to find clues in the clothing or estates about the previous wearer. Who were they? What were their lives like? This story is about a secret and special item that was found in a garment after I sold it.

I just wanted to write and tell you this. I bought a fake fur jacket from Dandelion Vintage last autumn, the (gorgeous) old lining was shattering, so needed replaced - and on taking the lining out I found a Virgin Mary medallion on pink ribbon stitched to the inside of the coat. I'm not religious but found this really touching - my grandmother was (Irish) Catholic and very superstitious and I know she protected me and my sister with charms. I'm also an archaeologist and find any insights into the history of any particular piece of second hand clothing really interesting. And that's just one thing I love about vintage clothes, that they've had a whole life and a whole history and seen things you haven't seen, by the time you get round to wearing them...

Well, anyway, I really love the coat and now feel super safe and looked after when I'm wearing it!
Best Regards

Isn't that such a great story? And here is the jacket that Laura bought, and the charm that she found and kept inside of the coat -

Bye for now, Carol

Poolside Glamour

Take your glamour poolside. Whatever the season, Glamoursurf has you covered with fabulous vintage swimwear.

Recently listed at, an early 1960's Rose Marie Reid White Leather and Lace Sunsuit SwimSuit Playsuit. Perfect for lounging by the poolside or to sport on the beach. We wouldn't take this one in the water though.

And another glam example of poolside glamour from Alix of Miami, complete with matching lace cover-up!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brrrrr... Baby I'ts COLD Outside

We finally got below 40 degrees at night here in North Texas, so I've dug out the Coats and am listing them over the next couple of weeks. There are some great ones and at really good bargain prices because I need ROOM in the storage closet.

So grab em while they're available at cemetarian on eBay.

Designer Vintage at Chi-Chi and the Greek

Lately I have been consumed with the palette of gray, black, white and red. So chic, so timeless and soooo easy to mix with colorful "orphaned" pieces in your closet.
We have some killer vintage finds: a heather gray Norma Kamali jumpsuit, circa 1980's, a 1970's disco sweater that is quite well made and totally "hot-right-now" NWT, KARL LAGERFELD, black skinny jeans.....We paired our pieces with basic white Hanes t-shirts, leggings, red or orange shoes and little boy sweat-shirts!!! Take a look at our "NEW ARRIVALS" section for more killer designer clothes.
Only at Chi-Chi and the Greek!!!!!

The Love of Vintage Luggage...

Ok I have to admit I have a fascination with all things vintage ~ especially luggage. I simply cannot resist a vintage train case. They came in so many styles, shapes and colors. One of my personal favorites is from the 1950s, is red and still has all the vintage hotel labels from around the world.

These little cases are great for storing all kinds of items and look good with most home decor. I even have two vintage suitcases that I use as my bedside table. They look great, are the perfect height and I can easily tuck things away in there that I don't use on a regular basis.

We have several cute pieces in stock right now here at Isabella's Vintage that you may want to take a peek at. You can also find these at flea markets, garage sales at times, estate sales and even thrift stores. This is a great way to reuse old items and do your part to help recycle with style.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New at Dandelion Vintage this week

I added several great vintage black dresses today at the website and I loved the details on them so much that I just had to show them off here!
Black chiffon with embroidered pink flowers and pleated bust.
A larger sized shift dress with beading and bow on the side slit.
A larger sized fitted dress with raised flowers and leaves on the side.
A cut velvet dress with black velvet in the front vent and ivory lining.
1980s Vlevt strapless dress with corset-lace front
Lilli Ann Sexy Secretary dress with satin bow.
And an adorable black velvet 1940s suit with lace trim and glass buttons.

I added a bunch of other stuff today too, so go check out the Vintage -

New at Dandelion Vintage - October 26th
* 9 Black dresses - Check them out here!
* 5 Dressy Dresses - Black w/Pink Satin, 2 larger sized beaded shifts, Ivory draped lace
* 11 fancy purses - silver and gold purses, some beaded - Great for the Holidays!
* 10 more fancy silver and gold purses - most are 1960s
* 16 slips - yes, more slips! assorted sizes, and colors - all nylon
*2 late 1940s dresses - great styles, but small sized and flawed

Bye for now, Carol


Andi Charkow presents:

* And other nifty stuff I thought you might like....

Saturday November 15, 2008 10am
Preview 8:30am

Two Auctioneers
**Check back 11/8 for order of sale**

Banquet Room
Horsham V.F. W. Post #9788
324 Sawmill Lane
Horsham, PA 19044

A sample of some of the items that will be at auction -

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vintage Black & Orange - it's not just for Halloween!

Here are some great Black & Orange vintage items from various Etsy sellers -

Babylon Mall's "FAB Scoop" & Sale!

I thought I'd give everyone a tip about searching the Babylon Mall website. We have a feature called the "Fab Scoop", which basically is a service that does your searching for you, and then emails you when the item is found.

First you need a free buyer account.

Then you just go to the Fab Scoop form, fill in your preferences, and wait to be notified.

While I'm here - don't forget to check out the mall's Vintage Halloween Sale - you still have until Friday to snag yourself a bargain!

The Gray Lady

The Gray Lady is a nickname for The New York Times newspaper, but here it's all about the shade that's made its mark this season in fashion!

iKonic Vintage

Surfing the web for vintage...

I'm really into looking at other websites lately. Websites with all types of content. I'm completely addicted to blogging, although my blog, Adventures in Vintage, is not all about vintage. It's about vintage clothing, crafty things and life in general. If any of you have ADD, you know that life is nothing but chaotic, unless you are good at making a "to do" list and sticking with it.

Since I have not been keeping to my "to do" list, I have been online quite a bit lately, in addition to everything else. I have become online friends with Tara at The Dusty Dog. She and I have exchanged links and I really like her. I've also visited her Etsy shop recently and she has some really amazing things for sale. I especially like this hat:


She's also got these great red shoes:

I've also been contemplating the prices for some of my items for quite some time now. With the way the economy is, I've decided to evaluate the prices on some of my items. I spent the majority of last night editing listings on all of my sites: Lone Star Vintage Clothing, Lone Star Vintage Clothing on Etsy and my eBay site Lone Star Vintage Clothing on eBay. I generously discounted many items on all sites, especially on items I've had for quite some time. So, stop by and say hi. The holidays are just around the corner and you just might find some great buys for yourself or someone else. Mention this post and save 15%. Just let me know you read this post on the Vintage Clothing Bulletin and I will revise your invoice!! :-)

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Economy Is Vintage As Well!

With all of the newscasters saying "Our economy is in the worst shape since 1932/1934/1931" (you fill in the Depression year), it is a worrying time to be in what is basically a luxury business. I dislike being the gloom and doom voice on this wonderful blog, but will people shell out for vintage goods during this time?

I had a booth at the Manhattan Vintage Show a few weeks ago, and did quite well...but it was by selling dozens of smaller items and a few dresses. The so-called "big ticket" items sat looking gorgeous on the racks. Those same "big ticket" items fill up my apartment, so I sure would like to sell them!

Unlike my alter-ego on my blog, I've been, shall we say, financially limited for many years, so I'm used to doing without, reducing, reusing, recycling, etc. So I cannot afford storage space.

I am planning to do the New York Pier Show in a few weeks, but I woke up to more bad Wall Street news, including circuit breakers tripping on the big board to keep it from plunging any more! (If that sentence makes no sense to you, I just wrote it down from MSNBC.) There is a world-wide panic as I write this, and the circuit breakers keep the board from having a "waterfall effect."

Let's hear from other sellers on this blog (yes, I know it's public, but you can post anonymously) what impact the recession has had, if any, on your business. Any cockeyed optimists out there?


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting Cold!!!

I came across two fabulous outerwear items that will soon be posted in my store. you can still look fabulous in the winter. Since I am a Jersey summer baby, I prefer the summer. But love dressing in the winter, so these two pieces will complement cold that is upon us. The cloak is certainly a winner for that fashionista that wants to set herself apart. Then we have our black on black Jackie O coat, for a touch of class.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Warm Goodies for the Cooler Weather

Even though I am not a winter bunny, I have to confess I enjoy bringing out the sweaters and snuggies for this time of year. The fireplace has been used a few times already and the slippers are here are a few warm & fuzzy additions to our collection!

Hand-Woven Artisan Shawl, Marilee Hoffswell, c. 1970s

1970s Diamond Pattern Poncho with Side Arm Slits

Cream Knitted Wool Cape Shawl, c. 1960s

Light Blue Macramé Poncho, c. 1970s

Vintage Fashion Guild

We are proud to announce we have just been accepted as the newest member of the Vintage Fashion Guild. A big thank-you to the board members from Some Like it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Sale at Fuzzylizzie Vintage Clothing!!

Now through October 31, all items at Fuzzylizzie Vintage are 25% off! And free shipping is included in the USA, and for most items to Canada.

Happy Halloween Sale at Babylon Mall


Don't miss it! Great Bargains..............just click on the pumpkin and go save a bundle.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vintage slips, slips, slips, slips

I have a nice large selection of vintage slips over at Dandelion Vintage .

Vintage nylon, rayon and cotton blends, assorted sizes, pretty colors and lacey styles, from the 1950-70s. Your favorite labels too - Vanity Fair, Van Raalte, Gossard, Barbizon, Movie Star, Vassarette and more.

Please check out the Vintage Slip selection - nearly 200 to choose from!
I also have some pretty XL Plus Sized Slips too!

Bye for now, Carol

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sweater Weather at Penelopepup's Vintage

Get ready for sweater weather with sweet vintage sweaters from Penelopepup's Vintage.

70's wrap cardigan size M

70's seagulls size M

60's ivory pointelle cardigan size M

70's snowflakes size M

Right On

Come see what's new this week at The Family Vintage! Party worthy dresses...chic skirts...cutie dresses....with more to come tomorrow! -Adah

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How to Buy a Hat

Tips on how to buy a hat, all this week on the Couture Allure Blog. Come join the fun!

Two Days left for the Sale at Specialist Auctions Vintage!

Only two days left for the Sale at Specialist Auctions! Come choose from an array of vintage patterns, vintage dresses, vintage accessories, vintage compacts, vintage notions and vintage jewelry galore!

So what are you waiting for? Let's go shopping!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Clock is Ticking~

Well, we seem to have used up all of the last, precious, sweet days of autumn warmth ~ time to snuggle into some luscious vintage warmth!

For classic elegance, unique style, and timeless beauty, Living Doll Vintage presents the following for your approval~

Ending soon~

Smashing Vintage 50s Persian Lamb Fur Swing Coat M/L

Luscious Vintage Fawn Persian Lamb Coat w/ Mink Collar

Vintage 50s Green Wool Mink Half Sleeve Swing Coat L/XL