Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wholesale Lot of Vintage 1970s Tops

#LOT-1- Lot of 10 Tops and Blouses - $15.00

Era - from the 70s, maybe early 80s

Measurements - assorted sizes, most fits 34 to 36 inch bust, a few bigger.

Fabric - mostly polyesters

This is a group of 10 vintage tops that I am doing in a wholesale lot to move them out of here quickly. I bought a load of vintage clothing and these were mixed in. I'm not a big fan of this timeframe so I chose some pieces to wholesale to someone who might appreciate the timeframe more than I do! It's a nice lot for resale or your own wardrobe. All of the tops have already been machine washed by me, none have been ironed. They are all in very good to excellent condition. I noticed a wear spot on the solid yellow top. I didn't see anything noticeable on any others, but there may be some small spots or seams that need stitching.

Box will weigh about 5 pounds. I can SQUEEZE the tops into a Flat Rate box for $9.80, or I can ship them Parcel Post if the rate turns out to be cheaper to your area. The closer you are to Jersey, the cheaper the shipping.

click image for larger view.
You can purchase the lot using the button above or visit the website - Wholesale Top Lot

Bye for now, Carol

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