Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Rich Colors of Fall at Etsy

I'm trying hard to hang onto Summer, but the tan is already starting to fade, and it's time to look ahead at what we'll be wearing this Fall. Etsy is a fun place to start searching for great vintage pieces to add to your Fall wardrobe!

What you need this Fall - Dark rich colors and textures.
Like Velvet Jackets and Tapestry purses, Dresses and Coats in rich shades of Burgundy, Plum, Brown, and Rust. Add Brown Boots and Shoes , Knit Hats, and Corde Purses to that shopping list too.

Here is a pretty selection of the Colors and Textures that you need to get you through Fall -

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cookies+creme said...

so glad you posted my items!! not just to share with everyone.... but now i have found an awesome vintage to check out the whole blog....THANKS!!!!
cookies+creme xo

Jeanetta said...

Hello there, thanks so very much for posting my items, I love this blog! Thanks again :)

Jeanetta said...

Hey there, It's me Ancestor Vintage , Thanks very very much for posting my items, I love this blog.

BijouVintage said...

Yummy rich colors. My mouth is watering for cranberries and pumpkin pie, perfect sweet potatoes and a nice hot cup of tea.
Thanks for including my favorite RED coat!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty colors. I like the color theme groups that they make on etsy